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New Poetic Work By Ethiopian Migrant Promotes Respect, Courage And Cultural Sensitivity

McLean, VA - "The Curative Conscious" tells the story of an Ethiopian migrant boy on his fascinating journey to America and adulthood. Dramatist Kifle Bantayehu, a 23 year-old second-generation Ethiopian immigrant, recounts this emotional tale in poetic format.

A Happiness Poem

If a happiness poem could bring forth a smile, Then my face would all the time dress in style.If my ears could hear my laptop screen, From one to another, they, too, would grin.

The Art of Getting Poetic Critique

You can show your poem to your mom, your spouse, your co-workers, or your friends, but you might not get the responses that you can suck up into your hardly inscription fingers to use in an energy to refine your craft. What does it actually mean when a celebrity who cares about you, but not for poetry says, "Wow, this is great.

Write Your Way to Fame

Have you ever accepted wisdom about how nice it would be to see your poem discussed in the New York Times? Think you have what it takes to be converted into a famed poet? Well the fateful truth is that no one has what it takes to be a celebrated poet. Here's a hardly exercise: Name the most illustrious contemporary poet you can think of.

Rules for Copy Poetry

You've been inscription poetry since that first assignment in your high discipline journalism class. You know the rules about characters poetry, right? Are there rules? Well, if you common the poetry forums crossways the Internet as much as I do, you'd find that there are a lot of amateur poets who inflexibly affirm that there are no rules for journalism poetry and if a big cheese even suggests comprehension poetry or books on poetry, many of the amateur poets will throw up a guilty front.

The Botch of Lima and Footsteps to Mantaro Valley (Two Poems)

Footprints to Mantaro Valley (Peru; in English and Spanish)In what departure art hid?-Where declining mountains groan In shadow and amongThe fast-moving water of the Rio? Is not your name Mantaro Valley?Beyond the road of the Andes--?I can hear your voice in echoesI can hear thy voice, delightfully low. I do but know thy by a glanceAs the clouds above me know? .

Learn About Love From Poet Rumi

In this contemporary age of technology, busy lifestyles, and obsession with consumerism have taken a lot of the romance and love out of our lives. The Internet has befall a avenue to fix with ancestors as each one is conclusion it a lot harder to meet one an added in the 'real' world.

The Dead God of Copan (in English and Spanish)

English VersionAnd the Death God said: "Let it rise to its glory in the Rio Valley-for a season; then let it be gone, we shall call it Copan?"Prologue: Empires come and go, liken to cosmic events, or the storms about the world: Atlantis, Mu, Greece, Persia, Rome, the Inca Nation, and even the great Maya heroic times of Copan, in Focal America. All came and all left, one way or another; now just dust and artifacts in the spiral of time.

The Spirits de Copan

Part oneI see them in the skies I hear them in their hells They gossip and they moanAnd never are alone- The Spirits and the Ghouls? The Spirits de Copan!They are dark in my world Echoes in my dreams A mystery and a force To a cosmic happening! The Spirits and the Ghouls? The Spirits de Copan!..

Im Sorry Mom! A Mothers Day Poem

Mother's Day Poetry,I'm Sorry Mom!I'm sorry for the troubles And the reservations I brought you. I'm sorry for my mistakes, I didn't mean to make you blue.

Three Poems (While in Transition/English and Spanish)

Here are three more poems by the author, Dennis Siluk, while nomadic througout Chief and South America.Three Poems While in Transition (In Spanish and English)Poem OneEnglish VersionOrange Timid MoonO´er the Copan skyan arch of dark weave their webswith low-lights, as the moon rises.

Become A Poet In Ten Minutes

Have you ever sat there staring at the paper, ready to write, but unsure where to begin? Want a elucidation that will overcome even the worst writer's block? A person can start inscription poetry today using a few austere techniques.One, two, .

Learn About Love From Poet Rumi

Learn about love by appraisal poetry by a long dead poet named Rumi. No need to look for antediluvian texts concealed in caves.

Poetry in a Nutshell

Poetry is more than just rhyming and prose that is in meters and verse. It is an art form.

Savage Nature: The Life of Ted Hughes

One of the most chief poets of the post-war period, Edward James Hughes (1930-1998), was drawn towards the primitive. He was enthralled by the beauty of the biological world, commonly portraying its cruel and savage humor in his work as a evidence of his own own affliction and magic beliefs - converted that current man had lost touch with the ancient side of his nature.

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