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The Last King of Mars [A Poetic Mytho]

[As Told by the Last] King: it was in the year 23,700 BC that one of the two moons of earth was hit by a meteor that of which, a great part of the moon broke off and hit earth's appear with a devastating impact. Thus the solar classification absorbed a catastrophe in indescribable proportions, from Jupiter to Mars; knocking Earth out of its 100,000-year Ice Age.


As I chosen up some of the polished gemstones in the rock store I began to think about what the shingle looked like already they were polished. The store had numerous rocks on demonstrate performance the beforehand and after and I realized that if not you knew what you were looking for, you could by a long shot pass by a constructive gemstone.


Take some time to stop and look at nature. Pick up a rock or two and think about where it might have on track out and what it might have gone all through to end up where you found it.

The Time Has Come and Buzzing

Most of my poems are on paper late at night, often, as this one was, after I have crooked out the light to go to sleep. It seems that is the time when I am most creative.

Famous Poets Quotations - Top 30 Poetry Quotations by Celebrated Poets

"For this aim poetry is a little more philosophical and more creditable of critical interest than history."-- Aristotle"Every American poet feels that the whole dependability for contemporary poetry has fallen upon his shoulders, that he is a literary lords and ladies of one.

Three Poems [Lima; Judges and Evils Creation]

1.Evil's CreationThou knowith evil clings To tender peace-; Nor does it heed one's drowsy Un-enthralled grief?But faintly it darkens Twilight's dunes-; With pinch shadows Straight from the moon.

Man Unbowed [A poem]

Man UnbowedUnbowed by sin, the world of man, stands Upon his feet he gapes into the sky, The lack of interest of centuries surrounded by his eyes, And in his heart the curse of the old world. Who made him dead to love and God? A thing that breathes only for wants and needs, With a lack of emotion, a brother to the fox? Who tightened and hard-pressed up his pointy brow? (To make him look so grand, so proud-so tall.

Death & the Supernatural: Poetry/Five Poems

Supernatural PoetryHere are five poems,-what I call-death and supernatural poems. Perchance a bit bizarre, a few stanzas may be, but with certain subtlety of course, and a ting of acuteness, but we have to hag on if we want a good ride:1.

Portrait Of The Actor As A Young Dog

Emlyn Williams Theatre, Mold, North Wales: 20th February 2003Clwyd Theatr Cymru commemorated the 50th anniversary of the death of the Welsh poet, Dylan Thomas (1914-1953) with a superb run of performances by a small but accomplished cast of actors.Described in the programme as "A affected journey all through the prose journalism of Dylan Thomas", the fabrication was formed by Tim Baker, an Acquaintance of the Royal Countrywide Theatre, who won the Manchester Nightfall News Best Visiting Assembly award in 1992 for the approvingly celebrated To Kill a Mockingbird.

The Gaul of La Laguna de Paca

Part OneI tell you a legend of long ago Of the cadaverous city of La Laguna de Paca, (Where I had met a lasting ghost) Within this area of Huancayo--Peru; Truth lies, but only the soul knows.Part TwoSo the legend goes, of long ago: During the rising of the full moon The Mermaid of La Laguna de Paca, appears And to the adjoining towns folks, she echoes.

The Treasure of Catalina Huanca (In English and Spanish)

Note: on paper after bearing in mind the hardly adobe 16th century place of worship San Sebastian, in San Jeronimo, by the mountains of Huancayo, Peru, after being taken there by the Wandering Quechua guide, Enrique (4-13-2005).The Treasure of Catalina HuancaWritten by Dennis L.

Our Home

Our home was warm in the shade of the trees or when the sun was not upon it.It was built on the side of a hill, near a lake where spirits could be free.

Thank You To Our Soldiers And A Acknowledgment To Old Glory And A Prayer For Peace

Thank youDedicated to soldiers and their loved onesFor those who have laid in fox holes,carried guns,marched for hours.For those who have had cold disturbed nights,endless days of discomfort.

Spell of the Andes: (in English and Spanish)

Note: in print 4-15-05, while compelling by means of the Andes of Peru, from Huancayo to Lima. I sensed I was but an ant, among the mass of stone, earth and plant life of this enchanting, and long-term landscape.

How to Write Bad Poetry

"All bad poetry springs from honest feeling."--Oscar WildePeople write poetry for a overabundance of reasons, but this condition has a sharpened arrowhead aimed at once at the fingertips of amateur poets who wish to be in print yet decline to learn the attributes of a well-crafted poem.

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