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Walt Whitman, Romance With a Stranger

The conception of brief encounters, even romantic encounters, with a stranger recurs often in the verses of Walt Whitman.Take, for example, these lines from one of the inscriptions that Whitman wrote to his 1860 journal of Plants of Grass.

Satirical Poetry About Tony Blair

All Hail.Is your rest home full of aliens, although new cleaning firms, Antenna waving buggies, And frightening crawly germs, Then dont waste a further second, now were into appointment spin, Just complain, over and again, and up pops smiley smiley grin.

Beautiful Dreamer, Stephen Foster, Americas First Folk Song Writer

"Beautiful Dreamer" was in black and white by Stephen Cultivate just already his death in 1864 at age 37. The song became one of his most eminent and most popular.

Let Your Feelings Be Your Guide

The light of all eternity shines with me now / My feelings light up my life / How I find my way is firm by them / They light my path and show me who I amWhen I was young, I felt so many belongings / Then came the day when I could not stand the pain / My world was chaos then, crammed with distress and grief / So I bunged up to care for that fragile Self withinYears would go by ahead of I could open again / I was artificial to by conditions away from my be in command of / Life dealt me blows which I later accepted as my own / To develop me to that distress deep surrounded by my SoulI worked hard to find my way back to the Light / To that place contained by where I could feel once again / There my Heart shone forth with a brave face / And shed light on all that I had concealedNow I see how I bunged that tender-hearted Self / How I froze in the face of my fate / Troubles swirled about as a continual basis of grief / And I fell to sleep out of fearI am beginning now to the deep void inside / Where I've stored all those troubles and pain / I fight my way back to that concentrate once again / So I can come forth entirely and be trueMy life moves accelerate as of this day / When I committed to conclusion my true Self / I've engaged all behavior of demons on this journey / To come again to that Find deep insideI wish for life to fill me now and bring all it can / I am craving for come across and for advance / I want bestow possessions from my Soul to fill me / So that I can truly enjoy all that I beholdThis work is at times arduous as I have erudite / But no more than any task requiring Love / This journey enriches me with its determination / And fills me with Life and SoulThis is my gift to myself, my own holy Soul / To have, to hold and to regard / This Heart that bled is now medicinal its wounds / And can do well again from what Life bringsLet there never be a arrival to where hurts cramp me up / And fill me with acrimony and pain / I am awake now, yes, and can move ahead / To be aware all that Life has assignedOh glory to you, my Sweet Soul, for advent this day / I thank you from the base of my Heart / We two can sing as one the praises of Love / That take us advance on this journey all the way through timeNever let it be said that one so deserving / Could not find his or her way Home / All whom will adhere to shall see this Light in turn / And know that their journey can be wonI take you with me now, my Sweet Soul / For you are here in my hands / Where I can regard you / And together, we can be so bold"Move on," you say to me. "Move on, my love / The Light requests for us to do so" / And my Heart sings with the potential / So that "Yes" is the key I can render with easeMy Heart is packed with Love and joy in this minute / Knowing that I am with you, my Soul / My feelings tell me you are there and all the time were / Till that sleep came over me before onBy development to your touch do I know You / And find my own truth there in your eyes / You show me because of Love what my determination can be / I am inspired by this all ears designI am delighted we are here together, in this life / I am contented that our love is so bright / For now I can reach you, my Sweet Soul Inspirational / When you call to me from deep contained by my HeartI have your counter Dear, and know this to be true / That you and I are eternally to be born / In this life or another, we join with each other / And We Soar .

Anne Bradstreet, To My Dear and Loving Husband, A Discussion

"To My Dear and Loving Husband" was on paper by America's first female poet, the Puritan, Anne Bradstreet. In fact, Anne Bradstreet is one of only a handful of female American poets at some stage in the first 200 years of America's history.


How I admiration what he's doing as I sit alone at night. How I amazement who he's seeing How I admiration if I'm right.

Because of You

You are to me my lifeline my security. That scares me.

Eds Poem

Ed Gallagher Dec. 11, 1907 - Sept.

Five Poems

Poems have another cores, or so I believe, and can only be structured well for a variety of abstract language-heart beats; like all counselors are not made for all clients, so all poems are not made for the same person, or purpose; when we read we all have our likes and dislikes; I do not of necessity know what poetry is per se, but I do know what the distinction of poetry has, and great poetry is close to an illusion?it carries an echo I do believe-figurative yes, at best, and questionable yes, by far. Here are five poems I've freshly wrote, all with a another core, focus and style.

Eight Poems

Out of the eight poems provided here [all earlier unpublished], four are Poetic Prose, a few Creative thinker [what I call Vsionary anyhow], a few Free Verse, and a few with more form and structure, more carefully to the Auden style of: stanza, musical rhythm, and rhyme. In maxim that, I do have faith in all the poems are transmission a rich association of meaning, some of them painfully close bond concerning pleasure and destruction.

Robert Burns Love Poem: A Red, Red Rose

Robert Burns, a poor man, an educated man, and a ladies' man, is ambassador of Scotland, much like whisky, haggis, bagpipes, and kilts. He lived a life shortened by stiff heart disease, 1759-1796, but his life journey by means of poverty, informal education, disappointed love, nationalism, and literary and economic hit can be identified by all Scots and collective men the world over.

Article on Poetry and Two Poems

Writing Poetry for TomorrowWhat does a man need to be a poet, or tomorrow's literary giant? Questions many a apprentice has asked, from Harvard all the way to the commune seminary in one's hometown. What is the answer? Well, I can give you mine, and I'm sure if you asked a hundred writers, or a hundred scholars, you'd get two hundred assorted answers.

Opposites Do Appeal to Quite Well

When I am climbing up, you are stepping down. When I wear a smile, you wear a frown.

A Dose of Laughter

I'm not well. Can't you tell? Kinda low, so, give me a dose of laughter.

A World That Doesnt Care

War bombs may explode demolishing man and land. Hurricanes may devastate and leave us completely bare.

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