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My Grannio

I never brain wave I would have to say GOODBYE to my best friend? But that's what I had to do today I had to let go of her evermore -There was no other way For me to face authenticity Or pretend to be okay I had no conception -Of how hard it would be To essentially let go Of this huge part of me? Not tomorrow or ever -Will my life be the same Lacking my Grannio here Life seems to be a game - Of accidental and questions?Questions that never end And have no answers That can begin to mend The cavernous hole contained by of meNor come close to curing My heart and soul that Seem to be ambiance Lost, numb and empty-Completely hollow? Like I have no one left To especially adhere to - All through life with respectShe was so much more Than my Grandmother I knew that ahead of She left this earthAnd I told her so More than once or twice Since she had to know Just how very exclusive -And truly blessed I felt to have her as my ally She was the best Devoid of a doubt -My Grannio gave me More than a person Will ever actually see? It was an assumed -Kind of love That came with no setting And went far above The conventional caringAnd be in the region of aid For a grandchild - Or ancestors of any sort She gave more of herselfTo me than a person In my life ever will No one could have done What she did for meWith so much devotion, Complete honesty And true emotion? Her dependability was -Sincerely ceaseless I accomplish so much Now that I'm crying - And wishing thatI had just one more day To spend investment her hand And frustrating to take away Her fears and her pain -That took over her Body and her mind Like never before? In our lives -I would have earnestly Given 20 years of my life To have her just Be here tomorrow -I cannot clarify The way I feel today Or how much I pain Is confidential of me -That will never go away No be relevant how much time passes I know this ache will stay With me forever?Just as her exclusive touch Will at all times be with me And mean so very much - To me and my son?Jakob Thomas Her "BabyDoll" And I agreement To never not recall -What she would have done If she was still here For him - her only one Great-grandchild?Resource Box - Danielle Hollister (2004) is the Publisher of BellaOnline Quotations Zine - A free newsletter for quote lovers featuring more than 10,000 quotations in dozens of categories like - love, friendship, children, inspiration, success, wisdom, family, life, and many more. Read it online at - http://www.

Since Youve Been Gone...

My life has changedin so so many waysIt seems to all the time bein a state of disarray..


There are many times I set up barriers and walls, invisible if not you come too close, And then you hit them.You astonishment what happened.

For My Mother

I cannot bear to think of when you will be gone.I do not understand how I will get along.


I am not the one I was already yesterday.I cannot go back.


You can do and you can be whatever you want. You have the power, and the right, to make the changes.


Do not be fearful to shine. This world needs what you have to give.

A Altered Place...

I wish we had met 20 years ago..


You make me smile like I've seldom done before You give me a reason to want more and more..

Lifes Too Short

Time goes by to quickly to hold your feelings inside Especially when their so strong even if they don't abide..

Live For Today...

Isn't that what they say?But what does that mean?There's no clarity that mayanswer that question..


So many looked to you for inspiration,Unlikely hero for the wheelchair nation.Proudly you fought and arrogantly you believed,Everyone loved you Christopher Reeve.

Top 20 Poetry Quotations

Explore the gist of poetry and the motivation of poets with this exceptional anthology of reminiscent quotations..

Listen as I Share: WE

You speak simple, completley understandable justifications I accept them, admiration you, honor what you tell me and even although I know where you're appearance from, I just required to share with you, let you hear: my heart..

Antidotes for an Alibi

Amy King's first full-length collection, Antidotes for an Alibi, insists that we assay the misleading clarity of our dealings and the goals that motivate us. How does one in fact get from "A" to "B"-and is there ever actually a "B"? What color is the white space concerning "A" and "B"? Upon more rapidly inspection, appear realities bring to light themselves to be permeable and fragile, covered with textures and grains that lead the eye on unreliable pathways.

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