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Farewell to Lester Graybill

I never met a man, who could shake my hand, and make my heart feel like a fireside afire.I never met a man, who could smile so easy, real honest.

Three Poems and Paradise Lost [One for Hell, One for Heaven one for an Inca King]

The White water of HellHell's furnace- Likened to a chimney Vomits her torrents Of flames- Into the air Through earths crust And the earth's trembles-!Agitated, she projects A thick curtain of smoke To heat the feet of those Who provoke her every wish. Like molten iron She waits for the soul(the moment) Then molds, into her enclosure Human serpents? Out of savage flesh!No storm, no struggle No eruption, no typhoon, Just a terrible phenomenon, Hell is clever of producing; And upon death, Back into the Abyss They melt!.

The Commercial of Copan [In English and Spanish]

English VersionThe Mercantile of Copan [480 AD]Advance: The ballgame at the Honduras quad in Copan, the year was 480 AD, Copan's 3rd ruler, Mat Head, whom succeeded Quetzal Macaw, whom was the come to grief of the city is now the new ruler. Mat Head, was a female, the husband of Quetzal Macaw, and here is where the story begins.

Africa - Wheres The Profit?

A poetic analysis that just welled up exclusive my head - why cant we just do a little - already many more are dead?How pious those politicians are, When up there on T.V.

Ode to: The Ice Maiden of Ampatos Apex [now in: English and Spanish]

Dedícate to Antonio Castillo. L.

Ambiguity and Abstraction in Bob Dylan's Lyrics

To many colonize contemporary poetry is a turn-off. The analyze for this is that the adult years of these poems are boring.

Song of the Great Zimbabwe, and Silver and Inca Blood [Poems and notes]

"Song of the Great Zimbabwe"Across the African, winter's skyIn the Southern edge of Zimbabwe Looking down from the Hill ComplexFrom on top, of an Antique Rock O'er the mountains steep-:A, vista I've longed to see, residesA site, I've longed to meet-; Thus, dwells, in this African Valley,Among the most of man's feats? The great, Great Zimbabwe (Enclosure).A million-stones, built these antique wallsSome twelve-fathoms, fathoms high That seems to reach unto the sky;Some say: a fortress, and palace, it is; And perhaps-, the legendary 'Ophir!'#747 7/2/05Silver and Inca BloodIn the Great Silver mines of Potosi-(Inca Indians) Conscripted mine workersCarry Quotas of ore-up hundreds of feetOf rope laddered-steps For don Francisco de ToledoAnd King Philip II, of Spain-;A farcified apparition to becomeRich-off Inca blood, In the year-1571?#744 7/1/05Notes: (The Inca Empire): the best guess is often that the Inca Empire was a large project of its self; a communal confound at best; dense for sure; but for the most part, the Inca Empire was comprised of ethnic groups who were subject into the Inca Empire, akin to the Roman, which was a city homeland [Empire] you might say, who subject the whole world into its Roman Empire; likewise, so did the Incas of South America.

Commuting Hell!

It's dark, it's cold, its' just six thirty,thoughts of sleep still dull my brain,As I clump down, classified my coat,a person along for the ride clone, just ahead of you for a train.Insidious rain, just showery down,through weak light of creeping dawn,Paper sandwich bags and old brunette cups,blowing past, look so forlorn.

The Cat

Truth is stranger than fiction according to many citizens who have seen what happens about me and to them, on many occasions. At times I have had others distress me in the same way.

Testimony to the Night [In English and Spanish]

In the quiet of the chilly night- In its deep northern skies, Dim are the lights, in its coldEvening frost?! Even the stars of the arctic Seem mutely stone frozen!Here, here is where you find Peace and the beast within-! Remote, no ears or wordsTo encumber the mind To embed the throat; Here, here is where you die?(for a moment).Here, the sky has eternal eyes Eyes with cosmic tides Tides that never rest: they warWith the Universe- Likened to a dark deep abyss; Endless and never resting?Here my eyes seek and search In countless hours, ebbing and Sweeping the heavens aboveNumbing, changeless- Are the cosmos, the heavens? Here resides a astonishing peace?Here, resides a curious peace With an army of stars to defeat Shinning, noiselessly in the darkThe ebbing, eldritch dark; Time has no consequence here, Here, resides a strange, peace?Cold and oddly numb are my feet, As I look up, upon the many bridges One star bridging the next-as if,If Kings and Queens were Guarding them-the Hosts- O-Yes! A strange, alien peace?Ah! Praise, praise be to thee, to thee Flaming, baking firmaments-ye, Ye, hark back me not, of the wars I left,Of the foes, divine immortals?The enemies that never rest Ah! Praise, praise be to thee, to theeI hear music, harmony from afar (there) There are storms concealed in a storehouse, For tomorrow-war beyond, beyondOrion's dust?perpetual dust; There, there the sun is dim to bleak.

Key Largo - Frater Albertus

Key Largo:The fans turn slothfully in front of the doorThey open wide presentation mangroves galoreAn egret in the everglades stalks its preyHaltingly it walks along its wayOn a further brainy and sunny dayA woman's floppy hat shades her beauty not so brittleThe silky scarf that holds the hat flutters just a littleShe pauses in the threshold of the doorSurveying what she's looking forShe is looking above-board at meHer beauty flaunted all to see.'Where are you from?' while noticing I had a frownOn the other couch she sophisticatedly sits downIn the small hotel lobby bar'A city north and very far.

Two Poems In black and white At some point in Recovery

Since my wife and I are moving, or preparing to move, we've been going all the way through our effects as most ancestors must, to arrange for the new location, and in doing so, I found two poems, ones I wrote in 1990, now 15-years old, never published, and so I'd like to bring out them today. I was a heavy drinker up to 1984 (some twenty years drinking), when I quite, and so these poems must have a little to do with it, a affront evidence perhaps.

House of the Imp [Part Two of Three/with notes]

House of the Goblin [Part Two of Three]Here is where, where the air is stillAnd the mountains gloom disappear! Here is where, unmarked spirits dwellWhere harp and remembrance expire?Where the rainbow-leaps, from itsStoreroom-keep, and cries; And the sands along the heap coastEcho then die?as in sleep?;And where charm turns into ghouls!..

Tale of the Brick Maker, of San Jeronimo, Peru [In English and Spanish]

Tale of the Brick Maker, Of San Jerónimo, Peru [A Cup of Sorrow]-1In the Andean mountains, in theMantaro Valley constituency of Peru, Isolated, secluded, tranquil, is the littlevillage of San Jerónimo. Near the village, here lay the fruitful valleywith bent-grass, and huge Mountains stretching northbound,And caption towards the ocean's coast.

Life is a Fantasy

LIFE IS A FANTASY!A pink-eyed rabbit, fuzzy whiteHops in bedrooms crammed with frightA child of six with much to knowHer father's basest feelings showShe knows of LOVE, only by means of himHe satisfies his every whimHe leaves, she wipes himfrom her chin!Her protect NEEDS to see the bestHe answered her God requestTo have a roof to comfort bringA yard where all the birdies singTell me how she could certainly knowWhat find for education could she go?Her care for frequently beaten if not worseThe cycle of violence - a woman's curseConflicting visions, dependenciesOne can go on many idiosyncrasiesShe could not make him defendant beDenial, avoidance? she disbelievesThe rabbit hides beneath tall trees.At thirteen a step-grandfatha'Finds a well-trained girl that oughta'Do what able men requestNever calculating what is bestAnd run away she does at lastFreedom can be such a 'blast'A rabbit's foot upon a chainThe FANTASY her 'safe' domainHow long in life must it remain?To guard her from these menWho constantly for her lips, do 'yen'A state trooper in Tennessee Like every other man does see Her lips so full and moist red Through the bars, not in a bed.

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