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The valley of pain - poetry


We were exiled from the Plot of Eden.
Its sinless wonders nevermore to regain.
So every man on life's toilsome journey,
Must enter the valley of pain.

We don't enter as of desire
And it's absolutely not a voluntary fare.
But, rather, it's a be of importance of destiny
Compelling and forcing us there.

Eden's garden; its beauty so magnificent,
Can't be reclaimed; it is a lost paradise.
Trees of data and life gone forever,
We are now paying penalty price.

The valley of pain is bleak and lonely,
And all anguish must be suffered alone.
The petty and trite ceases to matter.
When facing hurt as never ahead of known.

In pain's valley, no restaurants exist.
Shopping malls can't be found anywhere.
There's no joy to be had from entertainment.
There are no parks, for it is no picnic there.

There are no banks in the valley of pain,
No theaters, no lounges, no beach.
In this valley, we have no lofty aspirations,
Surviving the only goal we hope to reach.

Pain's valley in not a poor man's haven;
We'll find no comfort, or ease or rest.
Nor will we meet children or friends
For this valley is one's own not public test.

Bitter anguish is practiced in this valley,
A site of conflict on a colossal scale.
A place of fading and spiritual torture,
Of deficiency and incessant travail.

When we enter the valley of pain,
We no longer worry about amateur bills.
We don't fret about outstanding car notes,
We don't care about acquiring new skills.

When we enter the valley of pain,
We don't try your hand in vain vanity.
For this valley certainly drives us,
To the very brink of human sanity.

When we enter the valley of pain
Family prayer just will not do.
Praying in the place of worship is insufficient,
And communal prayer is derisory too.

We must find our own classified hideaway
Close the door to the world and all its strife.
We must admission of defeat ourselves to our God
And let Him work a miracle in our life.

Saundra L. Washington is the dramatist of two brown table books: "Negative Disturbances, Homilies that Teach," and the book from which this poem is taken, "Room Beneath the Snow, Poems that Preach. " She can be contacted at: http://www. clergyservices4u. org

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