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Looking out the rear display - poetry


The funeral rite concluded
With the preacher shaking hands,
Offering words of comfort
I didn't quite understand.

The undertakers came forth
And summoned pallbearers' four.
They marched beside the coffin
Carrying it steady concerning the door.

I didn't cry or whimper
As I followed right behind.
But deep surrounded by I screamed
Don't leave O Protect of mine.

Please don't go to the grave;
Let's chat just one more time.
Let's talk about the 'good old days'
Don't leave, O Protect of mine. "

But forward moved the casket
Down the stairs to the limousine;
With Care for laying incognizant
Of my excruciating scream.

As we rode en route for the ossuary
Thoughts were swimming in my head;
Why didn't the whole world stop?
Didn't it know my Protect was dead?

But the world kept 'bout its business
And in I felt so sad,
'Cause my Nurse didn't get the honor
I accepted wisdom she be supposed to have had.

As we drove into the cemetery
I knew it wouldn't be long,
Before I had to sing at last
My final farewell song.

I stood at the gravesite
Grief decaying in my breast:
Scriptures read, prayers prayed,
Mother committed to eternal rest.

Looking out the car's rear window
As we without a sound drove away;
I saw a angelic angel fly
To where my Look after lay.

Then I knew that all was well,
That Look after was just fine.
That I would live and grow and serve
Until, alas, my time.

Thank you Lord for reassuring me
That the grave is not the end.
That Nurse is good-naturedly before you for me
Just about life's toilsome bend.

But now there's work I must perform
That no one else can do;
Some hurting, hurting souls to soothe,
Broken dreams to help renew.

And in the course of action of accomplishment out
To add to someone's day;
I sense way deep surrounded by myself,
That I too will be okay.

Saundra L. Washington is the cause of two chocolate table books: "Negative Disturbances, Homilies that Teach," and the book from which this poem is taken, "Room Beneath the Snow, Poems that Preach. " Looking out the Rear Casement was in black and white before long next her mother's death. She can be contacted at: http://www. clergyservices4u. org

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