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The power of ingestion disorders - poetry


I want to get close

I am afraid.

Afraid of what you might see.

My eyes.

My thoughts.

My dreams.

My heart.

My soul.

Everything that makes me who I am.

My feelings.

My emotions.

The truth of my own reality.

The realism that I am scared.

Every second.

Every minute.

Every hour.

Every day.

Scared of not being perfect.

Scared of looking stupid.

Scared of being in the way.

Scared of being paid comfortable.

Getting comfortable means stability,

Stability means forever.

I dread forever.

So, I am ready,

to move on,

to carry on my journey,

To carry on my life. . . .


Mary Pat uses her gift of poetry in hopes to help others find their own elite gifts. http://www. reflectingrace. com

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