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Tsunami -a poem committed to help aid and awareness and advance hope harmony. make peace not war - poetry


Real Power.

One Tsunami, and all our armies,
Seem belittled by their wars,
What Animals fled, and tribesmen read,
Finally Arrives with crushing roar,
Wholesale slaughter, chastely by water,
Makes us seem an irrelevance,
Concepts of power, adjustment by the hour,
Faced with primeval elements.
Natures dice, scared out of your wits in a trice,
In a misshapen game of craps,
Whose final score, is real shock and awe,
And rewriting comprehensive maps.
Political reputation, seen by a nation,
Hiding in its cosy hole of choice,
Who promises braille, at the same time as the real mail,
is delivered via the peoples voice.
And the after effects is all in its path,
Is gone in waste and grief,
Why does it take disasters wake,
To unite us all in relief.
No discrimination here, just hopeless fear,
No faith or class escapes unscathed,
No raw materials or show cheat the undertow,
All inundated beneath the waves.
In advanced times, our furthermost crime,
Is to have lost feelings and lost touch,
It takes catastrophe, to make you with me,
To make each into us.
Faced with disaster our planes and ships,
Seem consequential when not at war,
But as our recall of adversity slips,
Will we revert to backbiting like before.
Maybe we must try, to all get by,
And harmonise more from this date,
Who knows when next the globe is vexed,
Who knows the twists of fate.

Malcolm James Pugh - ex systems programmer/civil engineer.

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