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I hate the wait (weight) - poetry


I get up in the morning

And want to stay in bed

Oh, so nice and warm

Like fresh from the oven bread.

My day is oh so busy

I wish that I could stay

In the quiet of my house

If only I could play.

Relax and play like Kids do

No be of importance where they are

Never bothered about being late

Or looking ahead too far

My body won't sit quietly

I need to get there now

No time to chat, I now must go

All I can say is Chow

I hate to wait

For time to pass

Time to eat

To get some gas

Tick Tock of the clock

I look into the sky

The records move so slowly

I wish that they would fly

The credence won't move at all today

And the wait is way too long

I am doing the best I can

To help move time along.

I can not check the numbers

On the clock or on the scale

I need to bear in mind that they are things

And that I will never fail.

Time will pass devoid of my help,

The scale gets fearful away

I will learn to breathe these words,

I will to learn to say to say:

Say the words that matter

In soul, In Heart and Voice

I have enough, I do enough, I am enough

For each day is a choice.

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