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Tsunami day - poetry


A Poem - By Lorraine Kember

It was a day like any other and mother, father, sister, brother, were haulage out the customs of their land. When abruptly devoid of warning, Look after Description came calling, shook the earth and stole the ocean from the sand.

Many gazed in awe already their world was torn asunder, when the colossal wall of water reached the shore. They, inane that the life they knew was ending and that this day would adjustment the world for ever more.

Frantic now and running; they coupled the fleeing throng, many drowned along the way, but the water bore them on. Nature showed no favorites on that auspicious day, countrymen and tourists, fell victim to her spray. The young, the old, the meek the bold, fixed up in its deadly swirls; along with the houses boats and cars, floated men, women, boys and girls.

The repercussion was destruction as far as the eye could see, babies torn from mothers arms were found in the debris. Bodies floated everywhere, and survivors called the name of a loved one who had moved out and would never be seen again.

We watch these similes on TV and it's hard to comprehend the enormity of this calamity and where the consequence of it will end. The Tsunami damage has touched the hearts of Nations and we mourn for the thousands who have died. Our judgment are with the survivors, calculating the millions of tears they have cried.

As well as the aid and the funds we give; we also hope and pray, that a little categorical can be gained, from the tragedy of this day. No be of importance our gender, colour or creed or the kingdom of our birth, we are after all fellow humans alive on this Earth.

World peace ought to be our best goal, its price not too high to pay, in commemoration of all who died on Tsunami day.

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