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Poetry ?reborn? emerges in crime story mystery novel - poetry


Since Mohamed Ali-then Cassius Clay-announced that he had printed "The world's direct poem," I have known that I would be a poet. "ME? WHEE!" His celebratory declaration evoking shivers contained by my concerned teenaged identity, for I reasoned in rhyme.

Everyday, hundreds-of-thousands of seemingly sane souls assure some inherent need to bare their concealed appeal via cruel alliteration or in delusional doggerel. As in Kris Kristofferson's early works, the amazing magic masquerades in sweet musical lyrics, if us with eternal data transcending generational barriers.

Even if none but we are ever permissible to assay our concealed essence, an inner hunger is unleashed-only to be squished-should we be so bold to be published.

In1978, I self-published my first poetry book, Beacon©, to an enthusiastic acceptance of some not learned who didn't realize, fearing rejection, I had never submitted my musings to dull publishers. After all, Rod McKuen, anguish countless rejections, had self-published. And he was said-at that time-to be, "The world's most far and wide read poet. "

To the great compliment of local yokel fans, the subsequent year, I followed up with Imperfections©, Verse by Russ Miles, songs and feelings brilliant who, where, and what I was-at that time in my life. Even more well received, I was enjoying the confirmatory consideration of a municipal newspaper poetry editor insisting that I co-chair a academy invitational conference for wantabe poets with the State Poet LaTourette. My books promotion well, a youthful, ravenous ego was being satisfactorily stroked.

Then, a curious thing happened. I immovable a case of conscience. What if an intolerant God held me liable for my gratuitous events or the bang of foisting my unholy understandings upon innocents?

Frightening purgatorial-or worse-reprisal prospects triggered immediate actions. Removing all left behind copies from the marketplaces which I had urbanized for distribution, I clogged penning poetry for the next twenty-five years.

Disabled at age fifty-three by Compound Sclerosis, I found for myself copy a different book, For Sale By Owners:FSBO©. A mystery adventure movie novel evolved present some insights that only a self-absorbed, experienced man of three messed-upped marriages could perhaps convey.

I carry on erudition that God is so forgiving. How He can inspire good to come of all things. Even some of my old songs are once more awaiting discovery credit to the song-writing, truck-driving atmosphere appearing connecting the FSBO covers.

By today's standards, Red Haring's vivid verse words and defiant rhyme renderings are no longer abysmal. Fairly they chew on the delicate "It's all about me" immoral fiber of a male male-wrestling with post 9-11 inner issues-choosing to make changes in his so self-consumed life. Red's songs emerge to stimulate reflections contained by Brooklyn Best, the no-saint heroine, real estate agent with whom he becomes idealistically involved-while being knitted as one to disentangle some horrific homicides-in this certainty based novel. Because of its use in a sub-plot, my poetry is being reborn.

As for Beacon© and Imperfections©, perchance I'll offer my few left over hand signed & numbered "First Edition" & "Limited Edition" poetry books on e-Bay®. After all, John Grisham's at first in print novels are now collector's items aren't they?

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Russ Miles is the dramatist of the novel, For Sale By Owners:FSBO. Seasoned Real Estate NAR® Insurance broker Disabled by Compound Sclerosis, FOR SALE BY OWNERS:FSBO ISBN 0-595-28703-4,in trade paperback, is free by phone or Internet:1-800-Authors to order direct! Very HOT-LINK Adobe e-book & hard cover editions also available FSBO at Amazon. com at Barnes and Noble and other fine booksellers.

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