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Blind designs [a poem] and a note by rosa on the other door - poetry


Blind Designs

Born today, gone tomorrow
Like a butterfly with no stomach
Born n the morning, dead by night
Oh-let me whisper
Oh-let me cry
What man has not learned?
What man will not learn!
In his pomposity, his expression
With his abstract concepts
With his intellect
With his creativeness
He has befit enslaved
By them all, he will fall.
Ah! Yes-abstract concepts
Bombast and expression
His intellect
His cleverness
This he plants behind
To his decedents!. . .

(he has not educated he

has detached himself
dangerously from reality).

#814 8/24/05

A note by Rosa Peņaloza-Siluk, "The very first book Dennis wrote, "The Other Door: Poetic Exhortations", appears now on Ebay and Abe, and Alibis books, and away as a keepsake. It was 25-years ago he wrote the dangerous praised book, in classical poetry. Since then it has befit a sought-after title for the author, with few circulating copies left. There was only 750-copies made, and 400 of them signed, a short classic in his genre. It is vintage Siluk, poetry-about ancestors who love and get hurt, and travel, just about the whole gamut of life. He has been idea of republishing the book with a new inauguration by his wife [me], as also his books on drugs and alcohol, "A Path to Sobriety?,"has proven that it will outlive him and myself, with all admiration anticipated for my husband. Rosa

Poet Dennis Siluk, lives in Minnesota and Peru, and has just complete a new book,on Peruvian poems, and is running on "The Curse of the Abyass Worm," which he hopes to get out by March, 2006. You can see his travels and books at his website: http://dennissiluk. tripod. com

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