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Infected ideologies [a poetic portrait] - poetry


the disease of extremism
is infectious-;
whoever cannot think of
their child
growing up devoid of it
is part of the phenomenon!
(the array of the day).
with a authoritative ideology
are seeds for suicide!
murder: giving
reasons to rage!. . .
bin laden
they will show you
to a noble
act of death!. . .
(that is what they say).
throw out:
the disadvantaged-
save the ideology,
that is the
the choice!?

#812 8/212/05

Notes by Rosa Peñaloza: the biographer has not in black and white to be political, fairly psychological as his mind works-both in poetry and i don't know with all his writings. He writes as he sees things, be it close up, or from a distance. And he sees evidently terrorism more in an ideological frame than others do. Right or wrong, he looks at the character, the soul of the phenomenon. When he wrote the book, "Islam, In explore of Satan's Rib," many brain wave of the book being anti this and that. When in essence, he was looking at the God's you might say; again, not political, per se, rather, psychological, if not theological, and not annoying to change somebody's mind a person to any a few religion. He acknowledged a correspondence of credit from Arial Sharon, and a conjure up signed by him, as a compliment. This poem seems to consider some of that old implication he tried to write in the book.

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