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Grandpas house & from iraq with love [two poems] - poetry


Grandpa's House
[The ole Real House]

The house desired painting
Sun-blistered and flaking
Grandpa ongoing to have us
Boys-Mike and I- start
Doing some scraping-

While he, pealed off the ole
Paint, and happening painting?

Just a humble made of wood house
With a number of rooms, but
Strong an adequate amount of to keep the
Winds and chill snows out,
How he loved that ole house!. . .

An' his well-kept yard, which
Contained lilac bushes, and
Big shade trees; where birds
And squirrels lived-season
To season, scattered on?

Branches-they looked like
Play effects (back in the 50s)

#807 8/18/05

Note by the author: "We all grew up all together I believe you might say, my brother and I, mom and grandpa, a few aunts in the beginning, all existing in an absolute breed environment; that is how it felt anyhow. Though the house belonged to my grandfather, we all lived together; now it all seems so long ago, and what pops out of my mind is: I never did take a penchant to painting houses after painting his a few times. "

From Iraq with Love

American's most often are
Certain of what they want
From the world-
In a large measure,
In charge:
Gold, machinery,
It's what it's all

It's what it's all

TV's and couches
Engagement rings-
Blessings, gratitude
(no secrets here)
It's what it's all About?

Snow and rain
North by a highway
Dirt and mud
Just beautiful
To say and be
That's the way it was meant
To be:

An' then,
Along came a bullet:
No mercy
Your dead!. . .
Nothing more said.

#806 8/16/05

Note by the author: "I am not for or adjacent to the war in Iraq, for the most part; though I do have faith in America did do a great assistance for the world, and the Iraqi colonize by bringing down Saddam, a world demonic beast, from his throne, and maybe it was worth the price, then and now; we are all plus the price right this minute, are we not [?] But is it worth it to continue? A pale distrust at best, now facing all and sundry in the country. There are wiser men than I up in Washington D. C. , figuring these effects out, and clearly we do not know the whole lot of what is in the background. But being in a war, I do know this: we won the war, it must be over, and we are not conscientious to rebuild their whole countryside at the cost of demanding the American city dweller to death: financially, resources, and our youth wise. I do pray that Head Bush will bring our boys home. Adequate is enough. "

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