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The exit poems [iron and fire & no heroes] - poetry


The Exit Poems
[And Socrates]

Iron and Fire

Iron can be assuage by fire-
grows hard in the cold;
and all the gates therein
are, as it was, clogged again.
So, often are those misled?
by luxury and pride,
who push unassuming nature aside-:
thus, exchange their vanity
and perfection their virtue?
and in the end, they all collided.

#789 [7/9/05]

No Heroes

I'm still existing all the chairs I've been
Dreaming of sitting room I'd like to see
Catching airplanes, trains, and buses

Like a specter at twilight!

I have no heroes, just extravagate hope;
They all seem to lose at the end, where

I begin-.
Disbelieving in light, where it was-
By the exit-waiting for the movie to end!

#790 [7/9/05]

Socrates, a man of iron and fire I'd say, and a hero too many; even a hero to the great Plato, for it was him, who blank his good name up. They killed him for his thinking (as they had killed Galileo for his). But here was a man who was not fearful of battle, or war, and lived his philosophy. He slept in tents, and figured it was time to live, 'I'll write later,' or have a big name write for me. Every now and then we cannot do both, and have to weigh the valor out. Thus, he achieved his noble glory; sadly I am not sure if I can say that for Plato or Aristotle, both of great minds, but we are, at the end, deliberate by our souls.

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