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A hundred and fifty dead [korean war--l952] - poetry


There I sat, ninety-five amount weather

Outside; the bookstore café, was cool.

An Old Timer stood by me, explaining:

"There were two-hundred of us on the Island,

Near North Korea, back in '52-

We guarded 16,000-prisners?

"All of a sudden, all hell broke loose

Three-hundred North Koreans came

Over the bob-wired fence, in pursuit

"It all happened in a be important of seconds

The machineguns killed 150-of them

That's all I saw in the war of '52.

(One American hurt one concussion. )

"Now we had to fingerprint them all!"

The old timer said; exhaustedly;

As if he was to do it all over again?

But they were just old memories unearthed;

Resurrected for a moment, from the

Sands of that diminutive horse-shoe island.

"But I guess I'll never forget," he said with

No regrets!. . . as he moved on looking

For his table, where he left his coffee.

#762 7/15/05

Notes: as a War Experienced person I used to meet a lot of old timers from an mixed bag of wars, at one time, WWII seemed to be the one I meet the most from; beforehand that, it used to be WWI (when I was a kid); very few from the Korean War (but now and then I meet one), and a few from Vietnam; where I was. Funny it seems, most of these groups are appropriate more scarce, above all WWI, and the Korean War; or so it seems. Now we have three more wars to look at: Persian Gulf One, Afghanistan War and Persian Gulf Two (it seems, all in a be relevant of a decade); and I ought to mention, the Bosnian War, which my son was complicated with; I guess I will not run out of War Veterans to talk to. It is also funny; we stop the greatest war on record, the Vietnam War, only to put back it with the four-wars I mentioned. Oh well, that is life is it not.

Dennis Siluk,a poet and a War Veteran, of Vietnam; his current book, "Spell of the Andes," has two sections, one on the Andes of Peru, the other on Rhymes of War, industry with Vietnam. You can see his books at any of the Internet sites like http://www. bn. com or http://www. abe. com. He lives in Minnesota and Peru

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