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House of the imp [part two of three/with notes] - poetry


House of the Goblin [Part Two of Three]

Here is where, where the air is still

And the mountains dimness disappear! Here is where, unmarked spirits dwell

Where harp and reminiscence expire?

Where the rainbow-leaps, from its

Storeroom-keep, and cries; And the sands along the lot coast

Echo then die?as in sleep?;

And where delight turns into ghouls!. . .

Who be these spirits, which charm and gleam?

A fabric from the "Inferno," I think Or a symbolic expression in a ancient history dream

Yes! We are all exiled from beauty?

Yes, we are exiled from beauty unseen?

Where fragile-wings and tenderness Meet; meet with the seraphim.

Yet we must lock the keep?

So no man may walk among our sleep

Yes, yes, oh yes, we all live- We all live, do we not, you and I,

In the House of the Goblin!. . .

Muffled in a black lily; smiling, smiling

To find a way out-out, out; Sorceress posing as Earsplitting God?

'Thou art, as a violent worm!'

(I am more noun than verb, yet the verbs are winning, with the worms. )

Notes: Part II, #753 7/8/05 "In doing this poem, imagery seem to flash because of my mind, as if I found for myself in a confine on world earth. "

Poetry In Broad by dlsiluk, "To accomplish ones denotation in poetry, you may have to drop the musical ascent; or so I've often found in my opinion doing; not sure if there is a right or wrong way in this. But what I do know is that, if I do not drop it, I can not develop into engulfed with the fullness of the poem I want to produce. Yes, we have to fight alongside attitude and experience; and in order to win you must chew on at all words fit. "

Poet/Author Dennis Siluk's new book on poetry: "Spell of the Andes," can be seen at http://www. abe. com or http://www. alibris. com

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