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Key largo - frater albertus - poetry


Key Largo:

The fans turn slothfully in front of the door

They open wide performance mangroves galore

An egret in the everglades stalks its prey

Haltingly it walks along its way

On a different cheerful and sunny day

A woman's floppy hat shades her beauty not so brittle

The glossy scarf that holds the hat flutters just a little

She pauses in the threshold of the door

Surveying what she's looking for

She is looking above-board at me

Her beauty flaunted all to see.

'Where are you from?' while noticing I had a frown

On the other couch she gracefully sits down

In the small hotel lobby bar

'A city north and very far. '

My heart begins a frantic beat

Her flush was not just from the heat.

'Let me guess? Toronto, it is pretty'

'A New Yorker?. . It is gritty. '

The open lobby with chaises rattan

Encompassed us as the hours ran

Mimosas came and drinks went

Philosophizing led us to invent

All conduct of reasons the head to spin

While we collective a exclusive grin.

A alone of depth and all through much time

When years after the furthermost crime

I returned to the lobby of that Inn

Recalling how she cooed

Remembering that exclusive mood

We never got to raise a brood

The waitress noticed as I cried

I inarticulate 'She must not have died'.


He huddles over the barely bowl I've been told

He expects my arrival so I am bold

I wait in a room on the bring down floor

And admiration what's after the colossal door

I inspect its' symbols, imprinted complete

I acknowledge Bathomet down near my feet

Ptah's T-square and gargoyles replete

A 'spagyric' toque, a comfortable eye

On top the Pyramid feat for the sky,

And You might awe why, am I

Here in Salt Lake City to see Frater Albertus Magnus

The boss of a worldwide group some call the 'Magus'.

He comes to greet me from downstairs

Cobwebs hang from his hairs

His look and conduct are quite welcoming

I feel approximately like it's my homecoming

'Hello my son, you come, well recommended'

Before that night was therein ended

I educated the truth about 'the Stone'

Now with means and methods known

He told me of his looking into man's future

And we talked of ways that WE must nurture

The iron 'hot' to arrange it, NOW!

I told him soon I'd make the' Vow'!

However, an added pact I'd make

Which led my knees to ever quake

There is truth of many things

Do not worry about 'toe rings'

The twitching touches nerves absolute Can sense the earth beneath your feet

And lead you past your 'vision quest' Make you at home on Gaia's breast

'I wish you well along your WAY!'

The door he closed, I heard him say!

No, call for elixir of youth for me

No gold from lead are NEED for me I wait with all, the World to see

My 'vow' to join soul quite FREE

And all in all, LOVE with the 'World Mind'

For me - you might think is seldom kind!

Author of Diverse Druids Columnist for The ES Press Magazine Guest 'expert' at World-Mysteries. com

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