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The cat - poetry


Truth is stranger than fiction according to many citizens who have seen what happens about me and to them, on many occasions. Every now and then I have had others assume me in the same way. This is part of the story told in my clause The Man who Loved Jail.

The Cat:

the cat meowed and moved leisurely out of his way

he knew it sought after something

but it didn't come to his open hand

so he meowed

she winked

he felt

they parted friends

perhaps never to meet again

the Earth was docile under foot

the trees engulfed his heart

and took his mind to the tree tops

so his soul could feel, forever

the ageless beauty and end of life

~ the family member unimportance of his human fears

and frailty

she stood next to him

in a place far away from the cat and the trees

in a town where religious studies is raised to a new low

he felt the cat's friendship and wisdom

he knew how unimportant his fears were, and the roots

of the tree. . .

seemed to tie their feet

entwined; lovingly

with certainty and timelessness

he awaits the mountain top with excited anticipation

still fearful, he might fall

~yet fully confident

in its rightness

Author and advocate for Ecumenicism and equal creative potential.


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