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Three poems and paradise lost [one for hell, one for heaven one for an inca king] - poetry


The White water of Hell

Hell's furnace-
Likened to a chimney
Vomits her torrents
Of flames-
Into the air
Through earths crust
And the earth's trembles-!

Agitated, she projects
A thick curtain of smoke
To heat the feet of those
Who provoke her every wish.
Like molten iron
She waits for the soul

(the moment)
Then molds, into her enclosure
Human serpents?
Out of savage flesh!

No storm, no struggle
No eruption, no typhoon,
Just a terrible phenomenon,
Hell is clever of producing;
And upon death,
Back into the Abyss
They melt!. . .

#746 7/1/05

Battle of Ollantayambo

In Ollantayambo-
Thousands of warriors crowed the terraces,
To repel Herrando Pizarro's attack-;
Among them, Manco Inca appeared
On horseback, with a lance in his hand
Horrifying, Pizarro's unsuccessful advance.

6/30/05 #745

Paradise Lost?

Just some opinion on Paradise, which keep rotating in my head; in the old Testament, the plot of Eden was by-to my understanding-four rivers. Some think it was in Iraq, and perchance it was. Some folks think it was in Africa, but I doubt that. But if it was in old Sumer, or Iraq, where are the four rivers I ask in my opinion (looking for the lost Paradise), the four rivers that are believed to be in this paradise?

The Euphrates and Tigris are two rivers I can bill for; and perchance the mythical, or legendary "Gihon," and "Pison," rivers. But wait, perchance, one of these rivers got mixed up in the old scriptures to mean the Nile? A ask I asked myself.

Some say the Tree of Life is in Bahrain, by the Persian Gulf, Gilgamesh was said to have went there, as did Noah. So now I get idea I'm attractive close to decision Paradise, and I must not get Paradise mixed up with Heaven, that's a further issue onto its self.

So now I get thinking, the backyard must have sunk, like Atlantis-maybe, I tell myself. Sunk right into the Persian Gulf; is this possible? Food for thought. So my mind is saying, in the time of Christ, a few thousand years after the flood and a few more ahead of the flood when Adam and Eve were kicking dust. Now I ask myself, what does all this add up to?

Eden could very well be where Paradise is, where it was when Christ descended after he died on the cross. Woops, did I say descended. Yes, yes, he told the guy next to him he'd meet him in Paradise, not heaven. I'm sure I got that right I tell myself. And we all know Heaven is up-yonder, thus he would have had to ascend, not descend. So here is Jesus, he's down in Paradise, and I read that Abraham could hear folks yelling and bellowing for a drink of water crosswise the gulf. Now I get belief again about Eden, which is called Paradise in the bible, and the Gulf where I can't find a river any longer on top of land-the forth river to be exact; and Jesus descending down to Paradise, where Abraham is. I think it is initial to add up for me.

Now diagonally the Gulf, is Hades, or conceivably the whole area is referred to as Hades, but one being Paradise, and the other side being Sheol (Sheol is mentioned in the Old Evidence Bible 66-times, that my contacts is the add up to of chapter-books in both books of the Bible). When Sheol is mentioned it is referred to as 'down'; for example, Gen. 37:35 "I will go down to?" In Ps 9:17, "The wicked will come back to?" and so forth.

The Paradise lost let's say is under the Persian Gulf, under the waters of the Gulf, the lost river maybe that I can't bill for. Thus Christ arrives after his killing by the Romans, for they did put the cross on his shoulders, and prick him with a spear of course, the Jews provoked it nonetheless, and the Romans were certainly lead you can see. Anyhow, he came to Paradise as the sacrificial lamb, the blood sacrifice, for the lamb was often the brute used for such ceremonies prior to Christ's arrival. Now he announces he is the Messiah, and those who wish can go with him to Heaven, thus, leave-taking Eden or Paradise for those who need more time to think about it. Sounds too by far to be true; but it was just amazing swimming in my mind. For those none believers, it is a good Knowledge Fiction Horror, for the Christian, it is most welcomed.

Dennis Siluk see his web site: http://dennissiluk. tripod. com

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