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Farewell to lester graybill - poetry


I never met a man, who could shake my hand, and make my heart feel like a fireside afire.

I never met a man, who could smile so easy, real honest.

I never met a man, who could make my dark soul, fill with light, by only eminence with him, in conversation.

I never met a man, who could come by honesty, so cleanly, so believably solid.

I never met a man, who could capture my soul, with the stories of simplicity, and sincerety of his youth.

I never met a man, who could live so modestly, so humbly, so simply, and be so very happy to live.

I never met a man, who could toil in the plot with his wife and find possessions in the earth, materials which I could never see.

I never met a man, with a beard, so natural, so manly, that I just sought after to give it a hardly tug.

I never met a man, who was deficient in height, but, huge in stature.

I never met a man, who could wear clothing, tattered, worn, freyed, and look so regal, though, he would not absorb that, at all.

I never met a man, who could tell you a story with his eyes, eyes with depth so bottomless, that, words were a short time inappropriate.

I never met a man, who could bring offspring into this world, who could be just as kind, and loving, and warm, as he. I call it "drinking out of the same cup" if you will?

I wandered about this big world, looking deep into the souls of individuals, here and there, bearing in mind much of me, in them, nobody exceptional there.

I never met a man who could make me feel the sadness, which I felt today, upon education of the cursory of Lester Graybill. The world will truely be a less significant place devoid of him.

Goodbye my Dear Friend


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