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Never ever more - poetry


Once upon a midnight dreary,
coffee cold and eyesight bleary,
all night sat there inscription COBOL,
coding apply crosswise the bed sheets,
changing grammar for the mainframe,
having tartan my final line,
I took the floppy from the drive.

Typing with a steady hand,
I then invoked the SAVE command,
but there below my effectuation,
appeared the cryptic communication,
"Abort, Retry, Ignore" and nil more.

To remedy the situation,
the charge I cursorily reinstated,
appeared darkness there and naught more, the thing got even by simply stating,
"Abort, Retry, Ignore", and nevermore.

Is this some maniacal intrusion?
reaching for a approach manual,
thumbing by means of for drive disruption,
all I saw was unfortunate jargon,
here were choices never spoken,
now decided, I must desire one,
Carefully, I weighed my options.

With fingers wet and trembling,
slowly for the grand piano bending,
hoping for a clarification pending,
praying all would be restored,
ultimately I short of a key,
but on the broadcast what did I see?
my evil classification reiterated,
"Abort, Retry, Ignore", and that was all,
I cried abuse towards the system,
believing this to be my saving.

I tried to catch the thing off-guard,
I short of again, but twice as hard,
my approach out to seek revenge,
I got again the reprimand,
typing now with desperation,
now just annoying combinations,
still there came the incantation,
"Abort, Retry, Ignore", and nevermore,
now the line consumed the screen,
my code had gone or so it seemed,

Now in state of indistinct fear,
by my own automaton I had been thwarted,
getting up I crooked away,
then paced crossways the floor again,
but then I saw an awful sight,
a bolt and blinding flash of light,
a lightning bolt diagonally the night,
zapped and killed the power supply.
I saw the broadcast attack and die,
"No - my code", I cried,
I brain wave I heard a voice reply,
"You'll see your basis code nevermore".

So here's the morel of the story,
Windows won't hack multitasking,
cursed by antediluvian rule of function,
using but one derived device,
where disk and drive are seen as one,
changing disks may end your fun.

Should you be given this age old war cry,
revert the achievement of disk expulsion,
heed this or ceaselessly live with,
a doorstop there, and naught more,

I am the website commissioner of the Wandle built-up museum (http://www. wandle. org). Conventional in 1983 by local citizens firm to make sure that the chronicle of the valley was no longer neglected but enhanced awareness its heritage for the use and reimbursement of the community.


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