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Listen in as i share: we - poetry


You speak simple, completley understandable
I acknowledge them, abide by you, honor what you tell me
and even although I know where you're advent from,
I just sought to share with you, let you hear:
my heart. . . it's crying. . .
for you,
your words,
and hands
your hugs, kisses
comfort. . .
I want you. . .
frightening, shaking, anxious to admit: "I need you"
want me
need me
please be with me and share with me
any and everything, anytime, anywhere
I am here, ready, willing, Deficient to listen
waiting to know about YOU
your past, present, even your secrets
I give you my word: there will be no judge present,
just me. . . standing, with open arms, waiting
for you to take the first steps,
whether they be grand or microscopic, I will wait
with tired, heavy arms for you to come to me.
I appreciate the condition isn't the easiest,
but with a bit of luck you will feel as I,
when I tell you: "nothing that's worth everything is
Are you accepted wisdom about me as I write this?
Am I pacing back and forth in your opinion like you
are in mine?
Do you feel the love and power in your heart the way I
Please say yes. . . please. . . . . . . . please
your eyes say yes, but I can't read your heart;
if it is in your heart that procedures are born,
or your kiss that speaks your desires
I know the answers to my questions but still crave for
you to tell me
I am scared of what lies ahead,
afraid of what is, can, or will be
of your capacity to heartache.
Is it worth it? you, me, together, one?
the passion verbal connecting our lips, hands scream yes
my heart yearns for your company, your touch.
mornings welcomed with cheerful light glow, even though
it's pouring rain
when I am with you, rain is foreign, non-existent
your hand in mine,
my hand in yours.
whichever way it is to be spoken.
so much more than lust. . . it's
shared swings,
speaking eyes,
held hands not defective to let go, a lost key to a
introductions and visits,
talking birds,
spilled drinks,
written words on my skin. . .
touch me
paint me
I am your canvas. . .
laughs and unexplainable want, emotion following,
chills thta never go away
like a coherent heart singing your name.
wipe the hair form my temple with your fingertips
look into my eyes and read me. . .
we kiss
it can't be!
did you certainly just read me?
are we belief the same thing?
Romance disordered in a thorn brush, demanding to get out.
"you're hurting me, I'm crying, flow of blood from all the
run with me,
play with me,
sing with me,
but in particular swing with me.
swing with me to the moon, so we can let go
of the chains we hold on to that keep us from falling,
the chains that are the only separation
from my arms to be wrapped about your waist,
the only separation that keeps me from in a row my
fingers all through your hair.
chains those damn chains.
messages we send
back and forth
in secret,
they hate it, you do it anyway
(one of my darling characteristics)
"I'm falling, tumbling, rocks"
I am too.
Kiss, feel, touch,
my lips,
face, any and eveything for you.
discover me. . .
I want. . . need. . . ask. . . beg
for you to
discover me.
you say it's hard to open up, share your intimacy,
I want to make it easier, reassure you with open arms,
ears and smiles
I am HERE. . . talk to me.
Lets share
what's mine is yours,
take as you please, but I warn you:
(I am strong, very strong) but
that asset has the capability to assuage for time to
I can cry, hurt. . . choose don't hurt me
fragile is I, after all the strength,
but step not on egg shells or bite your tongue,

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