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Two poems with triggers [and a commentary] - poetry


So Many Einstein's

The break of day mist, insists there is a God.
The earth cadaver faithful to its orbit.
The comet cries out to a hundred planets.

The sun ascends over the horizon.
From eight to eighty, so many Einstein's.
The dusk dust descends over tired wings.

To those who write music, paint poetry,
I say: our goal is to make whole the sum;
Wherein, basis can dwell among everyone.

Dennis, some of that emblematic verse is great;
Perhaps as good as anybody can make.

#736 6/22/05

Just a Drop

In every drop of blood, rages war
For existence-
Even in-sects !. . .

#736 6/22/05

Note: these two poems of Dennis Siluk's reach out towards the world at large, with high spirits, wit and intensity; or so I do believe. What more can I say, bar read them for physically over a few times, see how they fit, or if you can absorb them. I like to read poetry at least three times; once quick to just get the words in my head; then the back time to kind of see how it is put all together and check out the substance; and third for pure enjoyment, but at times I have to go back and see if I saw what I think I saw; like a painting, poetry can achieve each character differently. It can trigger emotions like a movie. Anyhow, I read it a few more times in particular if I see lots of images. Rosa Pealoza

Poet Dennis Siluk's book, "Spell of the Andes," is now out, and one can seen and purchased at http://www. amazon. com


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