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Bells for Belphegor!. . .

Where immortal veils never meet Belphegor, Arch devil speaks: In vagaries form, With signs and signatures not yet born-; The Tagaririm, order of the demon: They come to meet, the King Of Hell, and Demons, They come from assorted worlds- With scrolls, spells, countless powers To hell, to hell to meet-Belphegor. .

?and ring the bells, the bells? To ring the bells for Belphegor!. . .

#735 6/2005

A Analyze for Existence

The aim for life was just to exist and enjoy the miracle-the counter constantly in His palm; if you seek you will find; so I read one time. My look after knew it. Me, I was continually scruffy with its conspiracies and secrets?how foolish.

#734 6/22/2005

Commentary: here are two atypical poems with another jolts, "Bells for Belphegor!. . . " and "A Analyze for Existence"; one ghoulish in characteristics (where I walk under the blackened moon and balustrade sun); the other I call select, of a sacred nature; one of a devil (where necromantic arts are reborn); one of God, where being rests. Every now and then in poetry (for me anyways) we must go after the devils shadow; where delicate shades and gradation of meanings linger; but at all times seek the palm of God; and with a muster-seed of faith, one will be able to unlock the gate to the pit on the way out.

Poet Dennis Siluk http://dennissiluk. tripod. com


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