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Asha of darfur [a poem with a commentary by the author] - poetry


Asha of Darfur

Cry, cry-oh diminutive Darfur woman For your sister Janjaweed- [in Sudan's hard region-

who was raped to death); Where rape and death run ramped;

And Asha prays the Arabs don't' hear Here howling diminutive black tears? ?in fear she will be chained to a bed

In Darfur, by the insidious justice Of the Arabs, who run ramped?

Ah, yes! In Darfur you've guessed, It is not a crime to raped and arrested; By the very one who raped, and terrorized

You; it is the conquest?Satan's ribs!. . . Where rape and death run ramped.


Commentary by the author: again we see a following poem, or one taken out of in progress events. As I read the paper a few days ago, I saw the tears of Asha, and the bend in half principles in this African location, as it plays on the black citizens. It is a shame. There is not much representation in this poem, it is not needed. A few lines tell the whole story; as it does all the way through the whole poem. In this poem there is nobody for the bookworm to come across I fear no metaphors, just death, and its flow procedures compelling place in this Genocide of rape in Darfur. My badge if anything, is not private, it is public. Where in many cases a skull stands for death, here rape stands for death. Maybe I've fashioned in this poem my own clandestine figure of that nature, for many have survived the rapes and the genocide [or killings]; I attach them at once to mean the same thing though. For once we have been despoiled so badly, we die bit by bit anyhow, or so I feel.

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