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Says Mr. Dennis Siluk, when asked to analysis his poetry somewhat, for he hesitates all the time when I ask him to so; I can tell you. Anyhow, he said to me (responding more on poem #728, "Derivative Echoes"): "Figurative language, denotation words used to refer to a little that you don't especially mean, is used here to make noises, as are descriptions sometimes. In all probability the aim I used emblematic expression images here was to tie the ideas and feelings my poem [s] expresses [ness] to the bodily world in which I want it to exist. " He lost me someplace along the line, but it sounded good when I read the poems. Rosa Penaloza.

The Bear-men of Qolqepunku
(or: the magical ice of Peru)


High up in the Andes of Peru
The Ukukus wander on

Glacier, frost and snow

Dressed in furry clocks and masks
They trek to find the mountains ice

Of sacred curative powers

The Bear-men, they are called:
In the old dialect of the Quechua;

Guardians of the ice

They cut the ice in solid blocks
Carried on backs, down mountain paths,

To family, friends, and livestock

Ah! Sixteen-thousand feet high, comes
A pilgrimage Qoyllur Rit i' ?

Year, after year, after year.

The Bear-men-, noiselessly watch
Their glacier, gradually disappear

As if in thin air!. . .

They've now choose to leave the ice
The magical ice of Peru, in place

As warming temperatures rise?

This is ration the Ice Cap
Evaporate, in the 21st Century-

Perhaps this is a whisper?

"Is this the world's end?"

#731 6/17/05

Derivative Echoes

I would show you love in a handful of clouds-

Could I find the clouds, and find the love;
And is it love one is exceedingly looking for?

Fallen angels had love from heaven,
And chose lust in place, on earth?!

In hell one loves lust and thus, would be

Unhappy in Heaven I imagine?;
Ah! Maybe allusions is the abandon we're

Looking for?? We're existing for?
We live in the age of imagined howling

?with aches and pains in the mind

Fear of death-nymphs (well dressed)
Schoolmasters helping brood a blotted

Light; complete pitch, more questions than
Answer; distracting the sung balance!. . .

#728 6/2005

Poet Dennis Siluk
http://dennissiluk. tripod. com


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