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The king and delka & moiromma: the cold world [parts 25 and 26] - poetry



The King and Delka [Split Mawkishness-on Moiromma /Part V]

Sickly Sentimentality

I have wanted out friends Only to find rawness Of their passion; And the consistency Of their vision.

Who out there can know My clever verve?

(Only the long dead)

By King Moir I

[Of Moiromma]

Ah! the purposeless universe come back to his mind as he stands on his lanai looking up into he eerie dark. This he proclaimed to the ski: that evil and hideousness are basically ornate bells friendly to a being's backbone; his tail in old age [he is now 500-years old]; crude as old age maybe, '?it has its appalling disinclined pride,' he mumbles. It all gives him argue to love with hate, mix it up, mold it together, revolt with it; thus it turns into hatred and envy; delicate as it may be, it wasn't so in the creation of his young at heart kingship-he reasons, but it is now. Hence, he made a judgment, which ended up in his dramatic advantage in Delka, the general's wife, young and exquisite wife (the all-purpose being his old and faithful friend). And so he told himself all this, as he stood there looking into the bleak eldritch dark skies, apt more queasy and repulsive with a bitter crammed mind.

Amidst the chaos of his mind-befitting for hope kings after him, he would set a precedent for madness in his rulership, one that had allowed, or would allow unquenched needs not be questioned by any must he dare to chase them. Consequently, he came to Delta (the broad-spectrum lying ill in his bed now dying slowly, too at a snail's pace for the king); said he, the king in a gossip on his gallery to her,

"I want you to kill your husband, or I shall kill you," it was his ask to have her talking, and she knew it. " He knew flesh had its weakness, and she was young, and he was hungry for her, dissolute for her, and she sought years to live, and he hunted pleasure at his fingertips, control, and the touch of her lips, her flesh, her every inch was his desire.

Said Delka with a shocking and shaking voice: "But majesty, he is your best friend, and I am your servant, as he is, we would die for you?. "

But the king would not hear of such sentimentality, and shook his head adage at the same time: "Sick, sick schmaltziness, that is all it is, he will die at least soon, and I want you now!"

He now pulled her over to his body, singled out her up analogous to a bird, she was so light, soft and short, he was all of eight feet tall-over 400-pounds, old but still with some strength. She was a mixture of the inhabitants of the Earth Moiromma, and of his race, one far off anywhere in the solar system.

"Do you defy me?" said the king harshly.

She looked strangely at him, as if to say: who can defy the king. She put on the right face, for the right moment. Henceforth, she made the deal with the king to do as he requested, but with one small requirement. That being, the king be supposed to be with her at his bedside while he slept, and ought to her partner wakeup ahead of the carving knife is thrust into his chest, and he conquer her, he'd be there to assist.

Delka had attention the assassination of her spouse at the king's appeal to be quite funny, for the Broad was old and dying, and would have been proud to have given her to him, as a gift, after he was dead; but envy and greed demanded it sooner, and austerely for the reason that he had grown accustomed to having what he required when he sought after it, it was not to be discussed. She then took the kings cook's knife from him as planned; both would meet in an hour.

She now so she requested to make sure he'd be sleeping, and correspondingly would rub his body down with oils, to indemnify he was in a dead sleep when the King arrived.

-Now, both were duration by the bedside of the General, his eyes closed, snoring; Delka lifted the blade up land it with two hands, stretches up her arms to the heavens with the blade in place, and for some odd reason, the king noticed she was wobbling, as if she was about to faint (or so he deduced), she then drops the knife on the bed as she falls to the floor, the king easily spread her in her arms, back curved intermediate about from the bedside, approximately as if it was staged, too perfect, yet it took the king off guard. The eyes of the Common opened up suddenly, like a vipers that had smelled danger; the blade fell onto the bed, so neatly on to the bed, again as if it was staged, the All-purpose picks it up and lunges it into the kings back (what does he have to lose he feels); again and again and again, he stabs the king, until he drops onto the floor.

Delka contented that all went as planned, let out a sigh, a long sigh from her stomach, that seemed to stop in her chest and then like a bubble burst upward all the way through her windpipe and then out to face gravity, and the world; her loving wife still alive.

At that moment, the All-purpose calls for the guards and instructs them to find the furtive murderer that escaped over the king's balcony. And so the blood of autocracy was handed down to the kings of the future. And it might be remarkable to mention, Delka's partner died three weeks later a very happy man; and Delka married King Moir II [the dead king's son].

[Written 12/31/04; 4:15 PM at bn finished, 5:08 PM; revised 11:45 PM to 12:30 AM 1/1/05] Revised, 6/2005


Moiromma: the cold Globe [Von-Lexus and the Lost Galaxy VI]

The Cold Planet

Does cold exist? Not exceedingly it is basically the deficiency of heat, or so the inhabitants of Moiromma would say, and have you believe. It is easily a be of importance of physics, the course of transmitting energy which in their case transmitting energy to answer zero [-460F] which is the total dearth of heat; and may I add, all be relevant stands still, or is incapable of reactions. Thus, comes the word cold, and to the Moirommalit's, it is old news, as you may by now know. But of course, the true native of Moiromma has had his body alternated or remedied to amend to this dilemma, to continue to exist the planets crudeness, or be supposed to we say lack of heat. But again I say this is old news to the character who knows the Moiromma citizen.

And again I recap a person who knows the conditions of this planet, also knows it was not all the time this way. It was not constantly cold. This transformation took place about 20,000-BC, earth time. At which this era's inhabitants were injected with a substance to enhance their body to be able to change to the cold. The inner lining of their skin became like leather, as the outer part was more crust like. In fact their skin murky and became scabbed by the recurring frost-bite (s); the outer layer that is. As for the in-house organs, they maintained their pose to a a number of degree. Hence, at times one could look frozen, and yet be alive. Much of the earth looked like an Ice Jam.

Von-Lexus Von-Lexus was the last breathing inhabitant of this cohort that had fallen cruelly to the cold; one that could consider the deluxe green grass the globe had at one time; when the skies were unwrinkled with frozen clouds, or its ebbing dark dim gray that circled the planet.

He shrugged his shoulders halfheartedly, deliberate he'd never see the globe claim from its endless night after night Siberian type Climate; oh, I know I said they had a built in thermostat-sort of, but not to -450F, no, no, it was a good adjustment their forefathers build into them, but not quite that good. And yes, on occasion, some died for the reason that of exposure. Some committed suicide out of the boring life style they had to live, likewise.

Von-Lexus had a woman he loved, her name was Knuhs, she was young, much, much younger than he, and could not of choice consider such days as he could, she was but 40-years old, quite young from a race that could live up to 1100-years, old at 550 to 600, but some had lived to 1100-years of age nonetheless. And Von-Lexus was one whom was close to that. He was the Plato of the planet, the Noah of his race you might say. And one day he had found out a secret, a clandestine of secrets, it was to alteration his life, and his life was changed. It was a risk, and he knew it, for once he tired it, he could maybe never benefit to his home planet, if not die in the process; he wished for his young wife Knuhs to go with him on this journey, and she agreed.

Anti-Gravity Galaxy

And so it was Von-Lexus with his young at heart wife, wanted youth himself, and eternal life; found the cloak-and-dagger among the archives covert in the innards of Moiromma, left by the forefathers. The classified being, there was a space in the universe that was not area under discussion to gravity. Therefore, it was not area under discussion to aging likewise, the argue being, the universe per se, with all its galaxies, solar systems as he tacit it were branch of learning to circular motion, as the earths sun pulled from the stars, so the earth pulled from the sun, and earth's moon pulled from earth, creating gravitational attraction to the stars, and there and beyond. And this dark cold place, where light was not allowed, in consequence, it was all dark, and heat was not allowed, it was all cold, and God was not present, thus, it was all evil, this was the place of ceaseless life-it was a un-cosmological continual static to or in association to the emotive universe; for again, all planets, moved in circles. Here asteroids and planets moved customarily by the whizzes of the so called Dead Angels; appropriately this was the infamous, "Prison House for Horrific Angels," in comparison, to earth's Hell, you could say, which was the prison house for demonic beings of course.

It was i don't know God's intentions, and His fulfil to the destructible good beings contra His view as the Almighty, that he creates such a place called, Prison House for Horrific Angels. And having such beings, being eternal, where else could He put them; absolutely not in a destructible universe, so he put them aside in an armored galaxy contained by the Universe itself; such a ax idea. Shamefacedly I admit I know barely about this background but what I heard, and what I heard you are hearing. But Von-Lexus was eager to evacuate his home world with his wife to venture to one of the planets inside this galaxy, ambiance it would be frozen maybe and if so, he'd wear heavy armor to keep him grounded; to live everlastingly with his wife was also a most desired thing; death was lingering him night and day, to the point it was obsessing him. And so after comprehension the coded e-mail on paper on stone in the vaults, he performed the incantations, and spoke the many spells to bind his inner being for a transformation to this earth via, suicide. It had been done before, where a Moirommalite had planned themselves, for a a number of globe they wished to go to prior to suicide, and ended up there, but it all the time didn't work that way.

And as Von-Lexus said his last words, having his wife stab him, with his own dagger, his ally Cyrus stood by to stab Knuhs which was their wish, so she could join him thereafter in this spell eternal oblivion. As a result, the blade cut all through the heart of Von-Lexus, and he melted onto the ground, attractive easily flotsam and jetsam left on a cold, cold planet. As Cyrus grabbed the dagger, comprehensive his hands high in the air to stab Knuhs, she smiled, as he leisurely lowered the dagger, and they connected hands together, and befall one. She had no intentions to join her companion in a lost galaxy, cold and dark with no rules or salvation, no gravity or hope.

As Von-Lexus woke up on a revolving asteroid, he found himself alone, yelling for his wife, his beautiful, delightful wife, ax wife. Bellowing her name in every direction, yelling and yelling, until his voice became still from being horse; thereafter, darkness whizzed by him, slapping his face, and pulling his legs; he was cold, completely cold, but he couldn't die to avoid this torment, nor could he continue on the asteroid as it shifted every which way from the rotating angelic-shadows, and he found himself pulled off this asteroid drifting, just drifting, communicable the wind of the good beings whizzing by him as they went in circles night and day, night and day, night and day; as he yelled "Knuhs???. . !"

Note: There have been five parts to this ongoing short story, which is part of "The Emaciated Planets", this is the last part of this segment, printed in point of fact to give develop depiction of the planets history, which was not in the bulk of the stories: January, 2005 [first short story]; 6/2005 reviewed.

Author Dennis Siluk his books can be seen at http://www. alibris. com or http://www. abe. com

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