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Mechanical poetry - part three - poetry


Have you ever read the lyrics of a Simon and Garfunkle song? Pure poetry. Want to write poems like that? Start repetition them. Let me explain.

The Myth Of Creativity

Creativity is a bit of a myth. It isn't that it doesn't exist, but people's ideas about it are mis-informed. Many deem that to be creative is to come up with amazing from tip to toe new. There isn't an dancer or inventor out there who has done this.

Somebody had to write the first four-line verse or haiku poem, right? Now is all and sundry that uses these forms an uncreative copy-cat? No, of classes not. We must copy forms, all-purpose ideas and techniques, so why not do it more systematically?

Poem Characters Tricks

Copy a poem you like, and then play with the elements. Part of the beauty of a poem is in the arrange and the rhythm. Why not add your own words into that, to see what happens?

Here is the last part of a poem upper-class "Gratitude. " It in progress by painting a consider of the mountains,and then;

Words fail, as they should. . .

So there is nil to say
There is nobody to say
There is nothing
Is nothing
Nothing. . .

But gratitude

Now, if you take the common "gimmick" of the losing ground lines, you could addition all sorts of thoughts. An example:

Pain returns, as it must. . .

And to where can I turn for relief?
To where can I turn?
Where can I?

But to life

Shameless? No more so than the agree with time a celebrity wrote a four-line verse. New words have formed a new poem. In the environment of a longer poem, this doubling-up of form in one verse might not even be noticed.

What is imagination if you don't construct something? Use anything tricks and techniques you need to start creating poetry.

Steve Gillman has been live with poetry for thirty years. He and his wife Ana fashioned the game "Deal-A-Poem," which can be accessed for free at: http://www. dealapoem. com

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