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Do you ever stare at the paper, ahead of you for poetic inspiration? Well, you can stop coming up and start using systematic techniques for creating poetry. If it seems too mechanical or fake at first, don't worry. The point is just to get you writing, since imagination is stimulated by work.

When You Have A Poem In Mind

If you have your topic, ask physically why it's important, and write down your answer. How do you feel about it? Write down those feelings. Write a line or a scene that exemplifies what you are demanding to point out. Then, start rearranging the words into a poem. The main thing is to do something other than coming up to stimulate your creativity.

Sometimes poems can come from a clear-cut description. Write down a depiction of an event, and then find a way to form it into a touch more laconic and poetic. The poem below, "Religion," was fashioned in this way:

On the shoulder of Grounding Road
A woman was laying in the dirt
Calling out for help
While ninety-three christians
Fourteen muslims
And five jews
Drove by
On a sunny afternoon

When You Need Ideas For Poems

1. Look about and write down what you see.

2. Write about whatever thing that you felt today.

3. Ask any person for a topic and start writing.

4. Use chance words, one per line, to coin a verse.

The next verse was in black and white in a few notes using four arbitrarily select words:

Our dirty a small amount secret
Our be sad none can see
Is not
For belongings we cannot have
But for belongings we cannot be

Poets can break because of the worst writers-block, by basically using any "tricks" existing to start inscription poems. Try it. Even very artificial, or "mechanical" techniques will get your creativeness flowing. You'll find more of these poetic techniques in part two.

Steve Gillman has been live with poetry for thirty years. He and his wife Ana produced the game "Deal-A-Poem," which can be accessed for free at: http://www. dealapoem. com

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