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Live for today... - poetry


Isn't that what they say?
But what does that mean?
There's no characterization that may
answer that question. . .

For each one everywhere
Because it's all about what you
feel in your heart and share
with the chief associates in your life. . .

I honestly deem it means
you ought to make choices
that will never let you seem
to amazement "What if. . . ?"

Or ask physically questions like
"Why am I not happy?"
"Where did I wrong?"
How can my life be. . .

So unfulfilling
and depressing
day after day
continually stressing. . .

Me out to the point
of no benefit or worse
when I think there's
simply a real curse. . .

On my existence
as silly as it sounds. . .
If you can't shake it
The feelings will compound. . .

And lead you to a tragic
internal, premature death
of emotions and real living
that will at all times be less. . .

Satisfying and true
than existing for today
in a way that may
make you feel all new. . .

Each and every morning
despite the world about you
your life will not be dreary. . .
And you will never have to -

Wonder what could have been
if only you'd taken a chance
and lived in the moment
and loved the dance. . .

Of your life that's not eternal
embracing the small things
that may come unexpectedly
and give you nameless wings. . .

To soar above
the mundane and boring
To decide the path
that's worth exploring. . .

Remember you only
walk this world one time
make it a beneficial trip
filled with the sublime. . .

You'll almost certainly be remorseful what you
choose not to do a lot more
than what you choose to try
so do not close the door. . .

On the unknown
Go the extra mile
Take some risks
and you will smile. . .

When you look back
on the life you made
You will not lack
in delight or. . .

Have to ask yourself
Why? Why? Why?
Did I allow the years
to fly abruptly by. . .

Without enjoying my days
to the fullest extent
and building each moment
more than well-spent?

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