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Two poems and an chemical analysis [?witness,? & ?an old love?] - poetry


Two Poems and an Assay ['Witness,' & 'An Old Love']


My face belongs to whoever sees it
Everything has a connotation but life
Even the bugs strive for existence
God saved man, from God
Ghosts have lonely sins
Her bones are stones
Up and down the hill
Gardens blossom
Spotless skies
I can not
rest!. . .

#708 6/3/05

An Old Love

Around the world from me
are the many lands I've seen-
I, who have longed all his life,
that never shut his eyes
but to look up for his next flight

?for equipment I've yet to see-
wait, wait, wait, wait where
echoes from poets write,
wait, for far off destinies.

And where my feelings are
I must go, for there too is my
. soul; thus, best to poke the
fire again!. . .

6/3/05 #707

Analysis: I was asked the other day to do a verbal and quick chemical analysis for a poem. It can be a terrifying experienced, exceptionally if the character is a friend. What do you say? Like it or not, it is a sensible thing to do, and have done. And I've had a few hundred of my poems analyzed, poked at, chewed up; thus, when asked to examine a poem, I do it with great care. But I do accomplish I am not going to be part of the cause to something other than my own assiduous response. Well this poem baffled me and that was not good, but I deliberate the poem well after he left, I could only give him a few pieces of my belief prior to his leaving. I did afterwards mark phrases that trapped my attention, good and bad, belongings that were conspicuous or difficult, and where the focus was lost. I do trust my intuition, so that is one good thing.

There are three equipment I try to look at 1) the drive of the poem, as I appreciate it to be 2) the chief prominence (problems and concerns, etc), and 3) imagery, tone, meter and so forth, while at the same time annoying not to cheapen the poetic air the poem is annoying to give. But then, I do not do assay but on a few exclusive occasions other personnel poetry, for I have a hard a sufficient amount time doing my poetry. But I brain wave a few annotations might be worth mentioning. I guess, if I like the poem, I just like it, period. The Author

Here are two more poems, both assorted in their focus, poetic emphasis; both short poems, but an adequate amount to give a distinctive effect. The tone is of exclusive importance. An chemical analysis comes along with the two poems, not on Mr. Siluk's poems, for that is for a big cheese else to do, but on how he looks at times on other poems, recognizing the amalgamation of altered elements. --Rosa Penaloza

Poet/Author Dennis Siluk http://dennissiluk. tripod. com

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