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The Poet's Corner [Three poem/ see appraisal of poetry under the poems]

The Poets Condor

The condor fly's Amongst the hills

In open skies Of San Jerrónimo, Near Huancayo?

Forbidding any To near his path-

Lest he dare To risk a attack, Near Huancayo!. . .

#685 5/27/05

Fate of a Poet

Poets have an great quantity of Consonants A few vowels (for transparency) And no money

They have days and days Of moldy cloths Some displayed In windows?;

In essence, the Poet Has a courtship With the Gordian Knot-; And raw rice for the devil!. . .

#686 5/24/05

Puppeteer Poet

Without legends The poet would never have

Been born; The in print dialect would

Not have been invented; And no one would have been Immortalized? .

#687 5/25/05

Review [this assess is on the poet and his three poems, he calls, "The Poet's Corner"]: By Rosa Penaloza: the Ref: the poet Dennis Siluk, a quick look at the poet looking at the poet, as he writes about the poet with poetry, as he informs the reader, poets are looked-for in the world; had they not been, we'd not have a dialect to write. The biographer adds the guts of foreign language to bring up to date the reader: see, we have vowels and consonants; even though he doesn't say it, vowels are the food the poets drink with, and the consonants are the food poets chew with, for it is the vowels we do not use our teeth with to make sounds, fairly consonants, is that not so [?]In any case, the poet adds his first poem to be the '. . . Condor,'out of the three, for good reason, the vowels are echoing: o's and y's and e's; in such a short poem you can't miss them. He also uses the S's in the first verse [three of them] to move the poem briefly by means of and to conceive a casement for the reader.

The Cause lives in Lima, Peru and St. Paul, Minnesota, and has been on TV and in many newspapers a propos his writings. http://dennissiluk. tripod. com

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