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Shaking out the rugs [following the poet] - poetry


Let's admire the poet to his
Hell and heaven! Count his
Ghosts and dilemma's?

Reach out to touch his
Stretched-out skies; let's follow
The poet to see where he lays.

Let's admire the poet to his end;
To see if he can?whatever
He wants to do, do over again?.

Let's find the poet's soul, and then
Once found, let it go; And watch the
Afterglow! His deep-rooted impressions?.

"Hurry! Hurry-up!" or we'll be late
"Don't worry," he doesn't' care
If we're near-he's too busy.

"What does a Poet do?
You ask,
"Besides write?"

He thinks all night. Leans against
A fence; moans and groans a diminutive
Thinking how it be supposed to have been.

Shakes out rugs: too much pencil
And lead; then tries to clear his Head!
Asks God for forgiveness.

He rides the wind in his dreams.
He just came back from Egypt it
Seems; with more impressions!

"Dennis, I hope you're not bragging
In this diminutive poem; incidentally,
Do poets have homes?"

An old Islamic style of poetry, ghazal form (used by Hafez and ((Rumi, 1207 AD; born in Afghanistan. He wrote poems, numinous odes, songs, prayers, etc. ; contained by his form I think we find most often 'the friend')); the ghazal form, each canto of three lines amounts to a complete poem in itself; like the Japanese or Chinese haiku, it has its own roots. The cast doubt on in Mr. Siluk's poem here is not so much the cast doubt on of plot or ongoing theme or do we find a friend? Rather, we may see the craving for one, as each verse claims it own path to the concentrate of the web. Rosa Peņaloza

Note: #679 5/21/05

Poet/author, Dennis Siluk, his site can be seen at http://dennissiluk. tripod. com

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