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Advance: in Mr. Siluk's poetry one finds symbolist values, aesthetic impressions; verbal magic and even childish jingles; at times the all the rage 8-syllable verse (ballad metre). Free verse, with mournful poetic moods, even satire (poems inside-out). Here are a few more of his freshly in black and white poems. Rosa Pealoza.

Lamenting Poetic Moods
(Six Poems)

By Dennis Siluk

Spring Scene: Rain
[Along the Mississippi]

Dusk descends. A mist
shows nonentity of kindness.
And now, as the sun falls,
a dead pale gleam, hardly

covers the city, along the

With imperfect bounce rain-!
Everything is cold and gray.
No moon at all, just pale drab

Bleak rain, all night and day;
Pale-bleak rain, along the


Note: #670 [5/16/05]; inspired by the rain;
in St. Paul, Minnesota; and Juan Ramon Jimenez.

[Ancient ruins by the Andes of Peru, 700 AD]

Ancient ruins, clandestine away
In the Mantaro Valley

A scent of silence?resides
In the quiet skies
Of Wariwilca!. . .

A cheerful breeze clashes my knees
As I kneel down
And Drink from its spring?

In the quiet corners of
The ruins, spirits still hang around


American Society:
Yellow moon-light

We are Christians, but have
Not faith-!

We are church but
Not spiritual-!

We have no roots, but we
Have big feet!

It is a land of everyone
Ruled by everyone

Even mystics-!

We have the mountain and sky
And we all try to fly-!

We love God, with or
Without Him-!

It be supposed to be made clear-
We are elsewhere with:

Death, money and beer!

(And most folks hate poetry
At best. )

Our youth and Congress
With long grass and low skies-

Are on a road that leads to lies!

As for me-
Books, New York City, just before
Dawn: blond moon-light shines through
My empty room?.
Farewell, farewell; next stop
My poems becomes alive
With cosmic crap-!


White Peril

Weakness rides the humans of life!
Humans adjacent to the anguish of Satan!

He feels ill-treated and thus, suffers
Madly with his flawed soul!

They are many; but they exist, they
?paint white fences for weak humans.

The poor?the poor! He slaps their face;
Puts them in place; gives gilt full destinies.

Weakness rides the humans of life!
Madly with the discolored soul of Satan?:

Crazed eyes, shoulders high, high:
He directive us?to his den nearby!. . .


Cesar Vallejo's:
Feasible of Black Roses

Bow down your head ol' poet-
To face God's grace ahead
There are no more trenches

To dig today?
In the reforest of your head,

Bow down, bow down,

Ol' barbaric poet!
Death rides the horse ahead
I hear the crackling of a whip
See the wild eyes of death.

He writ you to his den-
The devil and his wind,

Bow down, bow down

Your blood tainted brows
He will take you to the edge.

Closer, closer, I see you now
Ah! a heartbreaking satanic cloud
I see a festival of black-roses:
Hear a bellow in the crowd;

Bow down, bow down, Ol' poet
?I hear applause!

Forgive me Lord, I tired
In the daylight of my life-
But souls are detained by devils

And black-roses at festivals:
On days that 'you are sick!. . . '

#666 [5/15/2005]

Evangeline of Lima

Evangelina of Lima,

Awoken in her breasts

Warmth at the request For her hand in marriage
By the ample young captain

Don Fernando-!

But obsession to gamble

Woud tare his heart away

As he misspent her fortune
And her rhombus solitaire ring.

But affluence would have it so,

She died a solid wife-

To save her husbands honor
In the center of her life.

Note: Inspired by Ricardo Palma, and his "Peruvian Traditions". Being a accredited shrink for many years, and schooled in psychology, and addictions, this case he writes about, was most attention-grabbing to me, and consequently I wrote my poem with it as an example. I do not feel I have taken whatever thing away from his writings, and was cautious to abide by this.

Poet/Author, Dennis Siluk, http://dennissiluk. tripod. com


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