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Have you ever practiced fascination with a big name you know is not a good match for you? Or how about an exciting affiliation that roots itself deep in your memory. . . Here's my amplify take on a big cheese who trapped my eye years ago and invited me to play footsies in a work cafeteria. Even if naught ever complex from this infatuation, he has never left my thoughts.



Roses are red
Or are they pink
Since laying eyes on you
All I do is think

Of property you close
And emotive your face
The fun we could have
In a assorted place

Yet by hook or by crook I managed
To let you see
An image that scared you
That exceedingly isn't me

So I guess I'll just wait
Til the timing is right
Keep believing in fate
And dreaming at night

(c) 2005

Leo and Libra: a fire and air sign together. Biologically empathetic to each other, these two even though differing in approach by and large have the same long-term goals. They share visions. They complement each other beautifully. Leo will, decently by his nature, tend to be bossy and domineering. Libra will go on this good-naturedly, to a a selection of point. If the Lion pushes the association too far, Libra will make a quick exit and later on will punish the Lion.

Favorite Neopet Quote:
If your totem is made of wax, do NOT bathe in the sun!

T. L. McMullen
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