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Appraise of stephen b. wileys first book of poetry: hero island - poetry


Poet Stephen B. Wiley's first book of poetry, Hero Island, reflects tender snapshots and reminiscent overviews of a choice of stages of his life as a kid operational on a farm in New Jersey, summer vacations spent with his children in Northern Vermont, and his activist stance on life.

His elegant authority of dialect magically explores and brings to life such different topics as the scoop we are disinclined to part with, city living, aperture up of the summer cottage, shucking corn, Albert Einstein and world federation, and the more burdensome come into contact with as the death of a loved one. All are calm with a great deal of introspection and with a sincere palette of words that are by far affable to even the inexperienced poetry reader.

Particularly affecting and one that struck home is "Going," where Wiley portrays the cursory away of his ninety-four year old father-something I face-to-face just freshly qualified with the death away of my father-in-law. The end of the poem's bald oral dialect sadly describes his inner feelings:

"I knew minister wouldn't die
I bent over his bed though
and we embraced with a kiss
as he was going. "

Above all, Wiley's dilution lies in that his poems are characterized by a sense of awe and nostalgia with which he imbues his reflections, that is neither sad nor frustrated, as is often the case with so many poets. Moreover, metaphors are natural and fresh, flat with vitality, as exemplified in the first two stanzas of his poem To My Hands:

"Yes, yes I do admire your solo work
how you throw a ball
write your name
tip you hat

And I'm proud that clothes are named for you
giving a selection hand
handing down your outgrown clothes
even handing over a bit you shouldn't have"

Quite remarkable is Wiley's remarkable skill with language, conceivably attributable to his legal training. When I interviewed him and asked him how had this exaggerated his poetry writing, his laconic reply was "words are the business be important of law - vocal words and printed words - and precision of foreign language is most important. Poetry draws on the same strengths. " That just about sums up the poetic style of Stephen B. Wiley.

Although, I must admit that I firstly opened Wiley's book of poems with some trepidation, my only grumble, when accomplishment the last poem, was that I did not have a sufficient amount of it. It is my hope that Hero Island only marks the creation of a long and creative career.

Norm Goldman is the Editor of the Book Reviewing site http://www. bookpleasures. com and the move site, http://www. sketchandtravel. com

Norm is also a go author and as one with his actor wife, Lily, they meld words with art focusing on romantic and wedding destinations.


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