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Black Blood, in Jeremiah's Vines
[A Dream Poem]

And I heard the crackling of wood, and I noticed the Lord God had made men of wood, and fire came from his mouth.

Then the wind poured its grief upon us-over our sins; and I heard the words for the seventh time, "Go to the mountains!"

Foolish ancestors of this land pray and understand-for He cometh! Thereof, toss by hand to thy knees, for the roar of defiant men will bleed: black blood, all through the vines of Jeremiah.

Note: 5/10/05, 11:28 AM #639


Writer Visited US
The Correo Newspaper
(Huancayo, Peru)
4-20-05 (page 9)

Dennis Siluk, distinguished author from the USA, was freshly in the Mantaro Valley area and visited the Peruvian Academe "Los Andes" Dialect Axis where there was hubbub at some point in his conference with students and staff of the Idiom Center.

In a short dialog with the students he highlighted the antediluvian and exquisite Peruvian background and congratulated the students for being complicated in culture the English language; a foreign language which predominates in the world and does not have frontiers, in communication.

He ended up his visit donating books to the Coordinator, Approved Rigoberto Ricaldi Hurlado.

This is Mr. Siluk's most hot critique and poem [Poet/Author, Dennis Siluk: http://dennissiluk. trippod. com]. He is a world traveler, and likes the mysteries of [in] life. He believes in the indistinct world, as well as the bodily one;the Maya calender and its astronomy and mysteries, as well as loving the Inca legends, and the land of Peru. He also believes in the birth of a new world coming. Rosa Penaloza

Poet/Author, Dennis Siluk: http://dennissiluk. trippod. com


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