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Road to mantaro valley (a poem in spanish and english) - poetry


Footprints to Mantaro Valley
(English version)

In what back away art hid?-

Where diminishing mountains groan In shadow and among

The torrents of the Rio? Is not your name Mantaro Valley?

Beyond the road of the Andes--?

I can hear your voice in echoes

I can hear thy voice, exquisitely low. I do but know thy by a glance

As the clouds above me know? . Ah! Gone like that, but love-love!

Hath found my naked soul!

4-20-05 (#627) Note: in black and white after since the Mantaro Valley, clear of the Andes.

Huellas al Valle del Mantaro Por Dennis Siluk Traducido por Rosa Pealoza

En que retiro el arte se esconde?

Donde Montaas decrecientes gimen En la sombra y entre

Los rpidos del ro? No es tu nombre Valle del Mantaro

Ms all de las huellas de los Andes-?

Puedo or tu voz en ecos

Puedo or tu voz, divinamente bajo. Pero te conozco por una mirada

Como las nubes arriba conocen. . . . Ah! ido as, pero amor-amor!

Encontraron mi desnuda alma!

The Assassinate of Lima (Dedicated to: Mario Poggi)

English Version

Prologue: I do not wish to judge anyone, lest I be judged, and God forbid must I be judged by a person but He. Thus, I write this next poem with a word of discretion to the booklover likewise, that all is not as it seems, is it. Having said that, it has been said the Psychologist Mario Poggi-whom I met on three occasions and purchased a figure from, and conventional one from him as a gift-has educated the hard way-that is, the curse of revenge has long wings; hence, revenge is for the Lord. Why? For the reason that both the nemesis and the victim are cursed thereafter (one does not have time to make amends if that is actually his wish; the other, loses his life gradually as he lives on). Thus, "The Exterminate of Lima," is exceedingly a conceive of of the monument Mr. Poggi calls, "The Face of Anguish"; or at least it is to me. At some stage in our three meetings, I did not find in his eyes guilt for his deadly deed, for he rid a city of a fanatic who was bitter up bodies and burying them,-and maybe saved a few lives, did he not? But fairly a despondency that he did not close his eyes at some point in the course of his assassination of man called "The Butcher," and now the sculptures he has molded with his hands are the eyes of his soul.

The Poem
"The Botch of Lima"

The Psychologist, he killed

"The Assassinate of Lima," So it has been said?

With a belt about his neck He strangled him to death!

As he sucked in his breath-- Head imprinted like a fish!?

Poetic Justice!

He died a purple death

The "Butcher of Lima?. " And no one wept.

And the media cried the name: "Poggi! Poggi!?you're insane!"

It is as fate would have it

Motionless and elapsed Are the cold blades of redemption. #628 (4-21-05)

Spanish Version

"El Descuartizador de Lima"

Por Dennis L. Siluk
Traducido por Rosa Pealoza

El psiclogo, l mato al

"Descuartizador de Lima," O eso es lo que dicen . . .

Con una correa alrededor de su cuello

Lo estrangul hasta matarlo! Mientras l se asfixiaba-

Cabeza cortada como un pescado!. . .

Obra de justicia

El muri asfixiado

El "Descuartizador de Lima. . . " Y nadie llor

Y la media gritaba el nombre:

"Poggi! Poggi! . . . eres un enfermo!"

Es este como el destino lo tendra Insensitivo y olvidado

Son las espadas fras de redencin.

Two Poems by the Dramatist and Poet, Dennis Siluk, while nomadic in Peru and Chief America, April, 2005. Said the Author,"The Mantaro Valley was captivating. . . . " as it led him out of the Andes, and because of the valley itself, into Huancayo, Peru. For more in a row on this poem, or on the back poem, "The Bungle of Lima," you may want to assess the commentary by Marissa Cardenas,Columnist-Correo Newspaper "Cultural" page, dated 23 April, 2005. Rosa P.


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