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Three poems (while in transition/english and spanish) - poetry


Here are three more poems by the author, Dennis Siluk, while nomadic througout Essential and South America.

Three Poems
While in Transition
(In Spanish and English)

Poem One

English Version

Orange Timid Moon

O´er the Copan sky

an arch of dark
weave their webs

with low-lights,
as the moon rises. . .

orange and timid-
as one more night

passes by. . .
by the shadows

of the Maya gods
de antigua Copan!. . .

Note: in print while at the Copan Ruines, in Honduras, April, 2005.

Versión en Español

Luna Tímida Anaranjada
Por Dennis Siluk
Traducido por Rosa Peñaloza

Sobre el cielo de Copan

un arco de sombras teje sus telas

con bajas-luces,
como la luna se levanta. . .

anaranjada y tímida -
como una noche

más que pasa . . .
por las sombras

de los Maya dioses
de antigua Copan!. . .

Nota: escrito mientras estaba en las Ruinas de Copan, en Honduras, Abril de 2005.

Poem Two

Cyclye of the Buterfly

First they were an egg
Then a worm exclusive of legs
Then a Butterfly;

Then the new cycle begins
We´re back to the egg again.

But who was first?
The Butterfly or the Worm?
As all belongings are, it seems. . .
It was the rib of the butterfly,
Like Adam and Eve.

Note: in print while at the Butterfly Conservatory, in Copan, Honduras, 4-24-2005.

Poem Three

The Austere Things

I was difficult to think of great equipment to write
But I can only come up with down-to-earth things,
-perhaps, that is where it is at?

(that being:)

The purring of the plane
An attendent´s voice saying:
"Can I help?"

What superior gift has God given, than
The flow of little, clear-cut things. . . (?)

How often do we meet kings?
Fly about the world?
Win the lottery?

It is the clear-cut effects you see!
That keep us wise and healthy-;
Busy, and free from mischief!

And so I shall close my eyes
And snoop to the movie on the broadcast
While behind you in this hasty machine. . .

(flying from Boater to Lima)

. . . sitting in this damn plane
Waiting to get home to do barely things!. . .

Note: While fleeting from Bonnet to Lima, Peru, the cause wrote this poem, behind you to get home to his casa in Lima, 4-26-05.

Poet and Biographer Dennis Siluk, is presently in Lima, Peru final some poetry he has in black and white while in the Andes, and Honduras, and Peru in General. Ahead of you to go to Colombia.

Web site: http://dennissiluk. tripod. com


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