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Mother's Day Poetry,

I'm Sorry Mom!

I'm sorry for the troubles
And the reservations I brought you.
I'm sorry for my mistakes,
I didn't mean to make you blue.

When I was young and emergent up,
Living in your home for so long,
I made many ancestors sad,
I did many equipment wrong.

So I attention that I could show you now,
By emotive away and being on my own,
That I was after all straightened out,
I sought to prove to you I am after all wisely grown.

But I haven't done to well at that,
I guess it goes to show,
You never exceedingly solved it all,
You never exceedingly know.

I'd like to show you now,
I need to take the time to say,
Thanks for compliant both the good and bad,
I hope you have a Amazing Mother's Day!

Copyright Laurie Meade 1989-2005 All Constitutional rights Reserved

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