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The spirits de copan - poetry


Part one

I see them in the skies
I hear them in their hells
They low voice and they moan

And never are alone- The Spirits and the Ghouls?
The Spirits de Copan!

They are gloom in my world
Echoes in my dreams
A mystery and a force
To a cosmic happening!
The Spirits and the Ghouls?
The Spirits de Copan!. . .

Part Two
(Hiding Spirits)

These spirits hide in antediluvian stones
With bright eyes:
Of humans and animals;

In ebbing gloom
Passing the moon;
By trees-and cursory clouds
Of chilling gloom-
In the winds
Outside windows?!

They are no man's friend
The spirits and the Ghouls
The Spirits de Copan!. . .

Part Three

The spirits de Copan (have)-:
Long ears, with rabbit feet
Jaguar arms-? secrets.

These were the kings
The Maya kings, - (now)
The Spirits of Copan!. . .

Part Four
(Maya Kings)

Smoke Rabbit
Smoke Shell
All imprinted on Stelaes
Hieroglyphic stones
For mythology now told
Of Maya kings who ruled.

Part Five
(My Moment)

In the Great Plaza
By the Acropolis of Copan,

A spirit, let known (In its treacherous vacuum):
"Leave us in peace!
Leave us along!
We've been here
For two-thousand years
In the Valley of Copan!"

As I looked towards

The daunting palaces
I replied
(Listening to the nearby
Birds chipper-knowing
All that was left is peace
And a hopeful redemption)
"Let there be no more-
Resistance?let peace be
As you please!. . . "

And I walked away
Out of the Copan Valley!. . . .

Note: on paper while visiting the Copan Valley, and site, in Honduras, Written concerning 4-24/25-2005, #630.

Author Dennis Siluk, is roaming presently in Honduras, and just left the Copan Valley, and is in San Pedro de Sula, on his way back to Lima, Peru. He was much inspired by the Copan area. Rosa Peñaloza

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