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Choices - poetry


You can do and you can be whatever you want. You have the power, and the right, to make the changes.

There are many choices to be made as daily life goes by. There are changes in our world and choices in our lives. There are those who come and those who go. There are those who enrich, and those who drain. There are thoughts which advance our daily grind, and there are thoughts that depress us and bring us down.

Every attempt meeting, every friendship, every love, every amount we make, changes us confidential and out in ways we neither see nor notice until a bit later.

All of a hasty we encounter an old circumstance, but we carry it in a new way a advance way. The choices and the changes we made have caused us to grow, to improve, and we can move on unafraid.

You have one life to live, don't let it count for naught. You have too much to give, Choose to give it!

Copyright 2004 Fran Watson

For more poetry and stories you can go to Fran's webpage http://www. franwatson. ca

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