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For my look after - poetry


I cannot bear to think of when you will be gone.

I do not understand how I will get along.

Your love has been my resting place, the place that I would go, no be relevant what, no be of importance where your love would continually flow.

A down-to-earth call a quick hello, Where have you been?

What do you know?

Just to touch base and share a laugh a smile or two, a joke or gaffe.

What will I do when you are gone?

Who will I call?

There is no other quite like you no other love that's half as true.

no one could do the equipment you've done, no other one could be my sun, shining brightly as I get your call, "I'm home now dear, what's going on?"

Copyright Imposing 2003 Fran Watson

For more poetry and stories you can go to Fran's webpage http://www. franwatson. ca

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