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New poetic work by ethiopian refugee promotes respect, courage and cultural sensitivity - poetry


McLean, VA - "The Curing Conscious" tells the story of an Ethiopian migrant boy on his fascinating journey to America and adulthood. Dramatist Kifle Bantayehu, a 23 year-old second-generation Ethiopian immigrant, recounts this agonizing tale in poetic format. His inspiring anthology of poems reflects the final words and feelings of a dying man who traveled crosswise the world, raised a breed and became successful-finally fulfilling the American dream.

These poems, printed in a uniquely current style, be a sign of a journey of sacrifice, courage and strength. "The ideals of cultural preservation, acknowledge and love interlace with each character encountered along the narrator's journey and serve as inspiration to all people, anyhow of race creed or sex," states the inauguration of the book.

Bantayehu says there have been very few work works of poetry in print and in print by Ethiopian authors. And he feels as although he's breach new broken up for this genre of copy by combining the English dialect with Ethiopian culture.

"The Curative Conscious" is existing for pre-order at Margins and Barnes & Noble. It's also accessible online at Amazon. com and books. lulu. com at cut-rate pricing.

Part of the proceeds from book sales will be donated to Ethiopian Children's and Orphans' Association, Inc. (ECOA), 46664, Africare, the African AIDS Initiative and other organizations effective to promote HIV awareness and plateful those precious in Sub-Saharan and East Africa.

Bantayehu says he wrote the book-which is based on the lives of his parents- to tell the compelling story of an immigrant, who by means of much pain and sacrifice, was able to leave his mother country of Ethiopia with an equally-strong and motivated woman, and raise four kids in the best feasible ecosystem for education, occasion and happiness.

"Although, there are many wonderfully exceptional stories and novels depicting the lives of immigrants in America of backgrounds ranging from Italian, Irish, Chinese, and English, there has been diminutive said of the sacrifices and donations of the Ethiopian migrant convergence residing in the United States," Bantayehu said, amplification his motivation. "Not only do we, as Ethiopians, possess over 2,000 years of a rich, cultural heritage, but we are a loving, caring and hard effective citizens from whom the morals of family, sacrifice, admiration and comradeship can be learned. "

"The Medicinal Conscious" is meant to inspire immigrants and others to have faith in their dreams since something is possible. It also seeks to stir cultural consciousness and sensitivity. Many citizens and the world cooperation at large, don't take the time to be au fait with a civilization or citizens other than their own, Bantayheu says. And stereotypes, misconceptions, and hatred arise from our lack of knowledge.

"Whether Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim or any other ethnic or dutiful background, we all breathe the same air, feel fear, feel joy, shed tears, laugh, and love," he says. "Those inborn qualities make us human. "

Given the fears and prejudices that have arisen from the September 11 tragedy, "The Curative Conscious" promotes critical ideology for the intact large-scale area to clinch and practice.

For more in sequence about the book, entertain call Kifle Bantayehu via phone / fax at (703) 628-3229 / (703) 448-0515 or email at kifle@globalcbp. com Further in order may be located at the subsequent website: www. thehealingconscious. com.

About The Author

Kifle Bantayehu is a second-generation Ethiopian born in the United States in 1980. He grew up in Mexico, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, and the United States. In 2002, he customary his B. A. Amount from the Academic world of Virginia and at this time resides in Virginia, USA. He is a Distinguished Component of the Global Citizens of Poets.

kifle@globalcbp. com


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