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Thank you to our soldiers and a acknowledgment to old glory and a prayer for peace - poetry


Thank you

Dedicated to soldiers and their loved ones

For those who have laid in fox holes,carried guns,marched for hours.

For those who have had cold wakeful nights,endless days of discomfort.

For those who have endured the agony of war for my sake.

Thank you.

For those who have gently kissed a loved one goodbye,

and with a tear looked back for a last time,

For those who have found courageto carry the sword of liberty.

For those who have flown with the eagle.

For those who have landed on alien soil.

Taking autonomy to other countries while care candor in ours,

Thank you.

For those who have lost limbs,lives and loved ones.

For those who have lost friends,sisters ,brothers,mothers and fathers,

For those who have sacrificed and gave their all for freedom's sake.

Thank you.

For those who have found the courage to stand,

For those who have reached out a hand for their fallen comrade.

For those who give choice to strangers ,and a hope for peace.

For those who sacrifice all they love, and pay the price for freedom.

Thank you. "

Old Glory

Do you know where this flag has been?
Faded and lessening and rising again,
Always there is a celebrity that will mend,
This flag to rise it again.
She waves athwart the sky with the wind,
Her courage to fly will never end,
She fights for choice , delight help her win,
Do you know where old faded glory has been?
She has rose because of predjudice and hate,
She has fought for others for freedom's sake,
She's the figure of our country's fate,
She offers the world the hand of a friend,
She covers the heart of her fighting women and men,
When she falls in the dust,
In God we trust,
We make her rise again.
Do you know where this flag has been?
She's called old glory,
The heart of America's story,
Flying diagonally the sky in the wind.
Do you know where this flag has been?
This flag will rise again.

Prayer for peace

Foreign winds blow athwart the sea,
Whispering bring peace to me,
The ocean brings sweet emotion,
that asks the storms to calm.
As the wind faintly lifts the plants of the palm.

The earth begs for wars to cease,
The wind whispers entertain live in peace,
The quest that God sends in the gentle breeze.

In the aloof they play the war drum,
From the sky falls yet an added bomb,
From the detachment fires from a new gun.
As we all hunt for where peace comes from.
With sweet be disappointed for what war has done.

Rain falls and the earth bleeds
Washed away in the blood are life's seeds,
Mother earth begs and pleads,
For war to cease.
I join her on bended knees.
In a prayer for peace.

Foreign winds blow diagonally the sea,
Whispering bring peace to me,
The ocean brings sweet emotion,
that asks the storms to calm.
As the wind dimly lifts the plants of the palm.

Bio Of Judy Arline Puckett

I am at present residing in Monroe, La.

I begin journalism at the age of 11,and I'm 54 now. I am the protect of three, grandmother of five.

I love creative writing, poetry, digital art, art, Photography, and Jazz and blues music.

I write poetry and lyrics on every topic. War peace, love heartache, religion, Abortion which I oppose.

I hope to write consequential and sensible words that will touch hearts and make a differentiation in life.

A poet is the voice for those who are not including words.

Judy Arline Puckett


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