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Our home - poetry


Our home was warm in the shade of the trees or when the sun was not upon it.

It was built on the side of a hill, near a lake where spirits could be free.

On the warm porch - hummingbirds watched, from kindling where they sit, and the cat and the dog lay sunning, as we read - nestled very closely.

It was made of dark wood and of brick, had green shutters and was considered by our father: as a place to come to rest after a day, a week, or as a protection all over the years.

It was a place - cool and safe, warm and open - quite different any other.

It was a place for exploring - the woods, the lake, and yes ? our inner fears.

We welcomed links unto this place. We called out: come one - come all, and many hours were spent talking, in performance cards, or cleanly session by the fire.

We conversed many times, culture of each other, decisive our tales, which then seamed tall.

From life's struggles, which then seamed unreal, we cultured to fight ? and to never tire.

It is there we educated to dream our dreams, and that with work, something could be done.

We tried out many things, as we grew - frustrating desperately, to determine who we be supposed to be.

It is there we cultured to love, to win a heart ? and how our heart could be won, and at a snail's pace there emerged, a character clearly formed, from deep classified ? which was free.

And if we carefully eavesdrop now - even despite the fact that we are many miles, and many years away -

We can see ourselves meeting by the fire, with family, with links ? or late at night - all alone.

We can see this place we can hear the voices, and snoop to their conversations as they say:

"Feel the sun, and the soft wind blow. Hear the trees ? as they gossip soft secrets of -- Our Home. "

Tom Knutson MN:: 1995 top 3% countrywide poetry contest
1998 top 2% countrywide poetry contest
1999 Mists of Enchantment, Collection of Congress
1999 Best poets of the 1990s, Documents of Congress
2000 Countrywide and Worldwide acclaim
2000 Mobius Poetry Magazine, Prayer issue
2001 Songs put to music POP, Country, Blues
2002 Inhabitant and Worldwide acclaim
2003 Today's Woman Magazine poet of choice
2004 Two Editor's Array awards
2005 Mobius Poetry Magazine, Bounce Issue: email@tko-usa. com


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