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The gaul of la laguna de paca - poetry


Part One

I tell you a legend of long ago Of the cadaverous city of La Laguna de Paca, (Where I had met a long drawn out ghost) Within this county of Huancayo--Peru; Truth lies, but only the soul knows.

Part Two

So the legend goes, of long ago: During the rising of the full moon The Mermaid of La Laguna de Paca, appears And to the adjoining towns folks, she echoes. . . Echoes: her cries and moans!!

Then when one thinks all is well-- The delightful rings, the rings. . . ! Of the bells, the Great Bells, bells Of the deep-set place of worship of La Laguna de Paca Are heard by the folks of the town.

Part Three

But there is more to this legend: For it is said, in which the dark night (The ink dark chilling star-lit nights) Wherein the Errieness of the full moon Ebbs diagonally the Laguna Paca, gives birth, To the Great Bull,who scrotches the hillside

Scrotches the plants to its bones. . . ! Scrotches its with fire and brimstone.

Part Four

And now I tell you of my tale-- A tale of that took place but a few days ago, By an embankmnment along the Laguna de Paca.

Here I stood, stood inside its grip,trance: Aloft in the eldritch dark it lingered This dim configuration of the Gaul, The gaul of the lake, Laguna de Paca--.

And there in the giant eucaliptus (tree) It shifted and swayed, looking at me. . . Then at forth glance, it disappeared, As if it sank in to the great lake. . . La Laguna de Paca!. . .

#624 (4-13-05)

Poet-Author Dennis L. Siluk

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