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Since youve been gone... - poetry


My life has changed
in so so many ways
It seems to all the time be
in a state of disarray. . .

Without you here
by my side
to hold my hand
and be my guide. . .

I feel like I'm lost. . .
wandering all through each day
waiting and on tenterhooks and praying
that you come to me in some way. . . .

I need you to tell me
that it the whole lot will be okay. . .
If anybody else is maxim it
I never hear them on any day. . .

Nobody will ever be what
You were to me. . .
It breaks my heart to know
that I will never see. . .

Your tender face again
Or touch your fragile body
and feel your absolute
love aloof only for me. . .

I would give 10 years
of my life to have you
here with me for just
a month or two. . .

My love for you began
more than 30 years ago
It grew into a kind of love
that few colonize ever know. . .

I know I was truly blessed
to have you as my best friend,
My Grannio and my sole supporter
until the bitter end. . .

I will never forget
how much you gave,
how much you loved,
or how often you saved. . .

Me - when I was a barely girl
from my nightmares
and when I was grown up
from all the evil dares. . .

You at all times stood by me
Faithful, beefy and true
Til the bitter end
I knew I could count on you. . .

Now that you're gone
and I'm here alone
I appreciate more than ever
all that you've done. . .

To make my life better,
Safer and Secure
By generous me your love
So unmistakebly pure. . .

I miss all about you
all that you were to me
every definite day I think
of how my life used to be. . .

When you were here
with Jakob and me
Things were so different
that it's hard to see. . .

Why God had to take you
away from me and my son
so much, much too soon
before your time had come. . .

I will never understand
and I will eternally fear. . .
how much life hurts
without you here. . .

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